I need a costume for chubby teens. Any ideas?

I like to plan ahead so we can go in the store, and out as soon as possible.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sumo Wrestler

  • 9 years ago

    I am chubby too so I am in the same boat.

    Last year I was an 80s chick. I bought a second hand baggy sweatshirt from a thrift store. I had cut the collar off so it was a large neck hole and hung off my shoulders. I also cut the cuffs of the arms so it was loose all over and not tight at the end of the arms. I wore leggings underneath it and some WalMart brand "KEDS" shoes. My hair was crimped and had a huge pouf with my bangs. It was definitely fun, and hid my "problem areas" very well.

    The year before last my friend and I were fairies. We both had a homemade fairy skirt and bought a long sleeve shirt and flats to match. I bought jingle bells from the craft section and we strung them on fishing line to make bracelets and anklets so they jingled when we walked. On Halloween we pulled our hair into buns, did our eyeliner with swirls coming off the corners of our eyes, and sprinkled ourselves in TONS of glitter.

    The year before that I did Wednesday Addams. I bought an old Nun costume from a thrift store and a second hand button-up white blouse. My mom cut the cuffs off the sleeves and the collar of the blouse and sewed them onto the old Nun costume. We trimmed up the Nun dress so it hit right about the knee. We bought knee-hi socks from a store and found an old pair of what I call Leprechaun shoes or Pilgrim shoes. We bought a can of black hairspray color and braided my hair in pigtails since it was long enough. I put on foundation that was a tad lighter than my skin tone and put on lots of black liquid eyeliner.

    I just worry about being comfortable for Halloween. I don't normally buy my costumes. I try to make them, out of second hand clothing or clothing I already own. Store-bought costumes just don't seem to fit me right so I try not to go that route.

    Hope I Helped!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    um if you are trying to look more slender try finding a costume that requires a jacket or some kinda of cover up. I recommend a poofy dress( idk what it would be called haha) but because it veers outward it woill make your wait and upper body seem thinner as well as your legs. high heels always give a thinner effect to legs as well. makeup and a lot of accessories can help steal the attention. GO all out !!! it cant hurt right... hope this helped

  • 9 years ago

    pumpkin, fat cat, carton of milk

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