Would there be antimatter versions of characters from Looney Tunes?

Bugs Bunny would be the main villain in the evil Looney Tunes universe, and Daffy Duck is unselfish, I don't know what the others might be if they all are oppositely reversed.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wow. Elmer Fudd would speak with perfect diction and he would protect all the little woodland creatures from harm from Bugsy and his evil henchman, Porky Pig (who would prolly have an evil laugh and swallow small critters alive).

    Foghorn Leghorn would resemble Prissy Hen and sound like her, too.

    Sylvester would run an orphanage for baby mice and birds (and would be dropping anvils on Granny's

    head for trying to steal them). Tweety would be in a special ed class.

    The roadrunner would be this large prehistoric carnivorous bird that preys on coyotes. Wile E. Coyote would still use Acme products, but they would actual WORK in helping him to escape.

    Speedy Gonzales would be a stumbling slurring boozer.

    The Tazmanian Devil would be a graceful ballerina.

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