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All these rar compressor programs are lies because alI they do is stay the same for mac, i've seen smaller?

See Winrar, Winzip, 7-zip, KBG archiver I've used on windows, with macs virtual machine and when I used them to compress super small rar sizes. They wouldn't even go smaller, they would just stay the same. Now i Just use my mac computer instead of that useless idea of trying to find compressors that works on windows better, but it turns out the windows is the same way they stay the same even Stuffit Expander, Simplyrar, YemuZip, Split & Concat and BetterZip for (MAC) their nothing useful because i've seen the P90X workout edition torrent only 8.5Gb rar file and when opening it all in total it was about 280Gb. Each video was 700mb and he turned them each in only 15.5mb. Now that really makes me wonder how the hack did he do that if I can't even make it at all smaller size. I've followed how everyone explained to work the programs. Now splitting I don't do because I want to have that one folder or each video in the folder be rar and smaller not all my files broken in bits in pieces. If you rejoin them it's the same size again. It's like theirs no existing file out their that even actually works and every single one I try is all baloney. I searched everything on google , youtube for hours on mac for pragrams hoping even it would work when getting it, but it's the typical weird unexplained thing that how did he torrent that so small and theirs no programs to find that work for free on mac.

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    Compressor programs look for areas where they can minimise the amount of 'wasted' space, for example if you have 7 files of the same type they will all have the same header so you can store one copy of the header and cut it from the others.

    Other algorithms look at the actual file contents and look for patterns, things that can be reduced. There is no guarantee that the program will be able tor educe the size f every single file - it doesn't work like that. If your files aren't getting smaller then you have one of the few files that can't be made any smaller.

    For example putting audio tracks in ZIP files will not always reduce its size, many audio formats can't be compressed any further than they already are, same goes for video. If you have a compressed archive with a video in it at 8.5 GB that expands out to 280 GB then the format of the video at 280 GB is redundant.

    Take .wav files and .mp3 files. A .wav is a pure wave form audio file and is massive. A .mp3 is a compressed version that removes a lot of detail that is unnoticeable to you. The audible difference is negligible because the information removed is data that can be dropped. Same goes with Video, the visual difference of video can be unrecognizable between two videos, one double the size of the other. People like you need to get over this hang up that a larger file size means better quality - this is not true.

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