Which job pays better: environmental chemist or chemical engineer?

I want to know which of the two jobs provides a higher salary per year.. and what are the requirements necessary, do you need a bachelor's or master's degree in chemistry? do you need a degree in any other additional subject too, or will chemistry alone suffice?

thank you.

oh and please include reliable sources i.e. websites etc.

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    The two jobs have generally similar starting points but the potential in Chemical Engineering is much more than that in Environmental Chemistry.chemical engineers work in the major industries like Oil and Pharmaceuticals.

    You need a degree in Environmental Science (with chemistry) for the first - I think that is a masters in the US as the UK system is slightly different.

    To be a Chemical engineer you are better with a masters in Chemical Engineering (a separate subject concentrating mainly on mathematics!) although you can get in with a first degree in the UK. There is a shortage of Chemical engineers so prospects are good.

    Look on here for US chemical engineering.


    Here for environmental chem and some chemical engineering


    Source(s): I am a chemistry teacher with a son who is a chemical engineer and a second son who is a wildlife conservation graduate working with the environment agency.
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