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Translate: Bas 3ashan 5aterko ya Masriyeen =] ?

I have lost 15 points so far just to post this question because I keep missing people. So just for you...once again:

-Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise (Me)

-Egyptian Wolf

-Egyptian Pharaoah



-Black Rose








-Eman G










-The lady with the butterfly in her name...I forget her name >_< (sorry)




-Sands of Time



IF I forgot anyone just add him to the list that you write down please.


@ESD: What kid? XD , Im about as old as you are lmao

Update 2:

@Aldonblon: Sorry bro. But you really can't expect me to remember you if you rarely post anything :S

Update 3:

@Mayar: mainly want to see what other people will say about them lolz

@3alaa: 1.I seriously don't look Hispanic. At least one person would have told me so in real life lol.

2.R is a guy lmao

Update 4:

@Black Rose:

-Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise (Me): A modest person who sees the potential light in Egypt's future. Tries to guide himself and others to the correct path when he can.

-Egyptian Wolf: Boss

-Egyptian Pharaoah: Boss of Jokes

-Caeser: Boss

-Dina: Nice and funny and supportive girl that always pressures me to give her BA. This is hard when Black Rose does the same thing XD

-Black Rose: Nice and funny and supportive girl that always pressures me to give her BA. This is hard when Dina does the same thing XD

-3alaa: The Medical Genius

-G#2: Doesn't agree that I am the boss :P . Nonetheless, cool and nice guy ;)

-Pessant: Moody

-Ziggy: Hello

-Zoro: Hi

-Meero: Astronomy person

-Silvia: Interesting person

-Eman G: Funny and sometimes tries to make me feel like Im flirting with her LMAO XD

-Talk-I: New

-Mayar: Young

-Passion:Supportive happy boy

-Medic: Boss

-Khaled: Funny guy :P

-R: Talkative guy haha

-y.A.m: How could I forget you?!

-Kemo: Cool guy

-Marwan: Is pressuring me for BA XD

Update 5:

-The lady with the butterfly in her name...I forget her name >_< (sorry): Cool :D

-YO!: Outspoken

-Ranona: Good girl :D

-MACer: Wisdom

-Sands of Time: Nice name ;)

-Wag: COol guy

-ry: Smart girl

-A VOICE FROM THE PAST: Very sorry for forgetting you :( . You are a very sweet and kind person :)

@Black Rose and Dina and Marwan: What should I do. I can't give 3 BAs :P

And Dina dont forget to fill yorus out.


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  • DS
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    10 years ago
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    I'll get back to you on that one kaman shewaia, Do not choose BA till I coma back :D:D

    -y.A.m: Hi back at ya :D

    -thanks Egy. Wolf esp. for this part "for a med school" :D

    -Mayar: I thought we were keeping our business a secret :P

    -thank you ya rafeek el kefa7 (3ala2), e7na leena el gannah ya ebny, I do believe so :D

    @ Marwan: Ouch! man, that was really mean :(...but I'm flattered that you took the time to write every name with good person beside it just so you can write lame person beside mine whoever thumbed Marwan down: Thank you so much, that was sweet of you :D:D

    -Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise (You):

    comment: you're the most impressive 17.5 yr old guy I've ever met :)

    advice: keep that attitude & never lose it & I promise you you'll do great in the future isA

    -Egyptian Wolf

    comment: I admire how he strongly defends what he truly believes in & he's funny too :)

    advice: hady a3sabak, mafeesh 7aga mestahala :D

    -Egyptian Pharaoh

    comment: I don't think I can put it better than Black Rose did :D but I like your idea of "Chinese wives" :D


    comment: gives the best answer, always respectable & to the point

    advice: stop bringing me down, please :'(

    -Black Rose

    comment: loool wAllahy I feel the same, sometimes I don't find an answer to a question coz you said all that's been on my mind :D Great minds think alike you know ;)


    comment: chivalry isn't dead<<<that's how I see you :)

    advice: stop looking at Polish girls :P


    comment: good guy :D & the only one having an exam (beside me we rana ya3ny)


    comment: hilarious, always sweet

    advice: life is too short to be worrying about everything


    comment: so cute & friendly :)

    advice: I know you wanna be a doctor isA but please try to reconsider it


    comment: he's really funny but he hasn't been around for a while


    comment: comes up with the good questions ;) a bit cynical but always keeping it friendly :)


    comment: the most elegant answers :)

    -Eman G

    comment: she keeps it simple & short :)

    -Voice from the past:

    comment: really sweet & caring in her answers & very friendly too :)

    -Talk-I: new I guess but she gives funny answers :)


    comment: youraaaa 7abibet alby :)

    advice: what happens on facebook stays on facebook :P


    comment: such a sweet 14 year old who loves Egypt so much :)

    advice: keep that attitude ;)


    comment: as I said before shortest & smartest answer


    comment: extremely hilarious

    advice: please put the bee back :D


    comment: non stop Qs :D...betgebhom menein? I do really like them though, they're always fun to answer :D

    advice: keep posting, this section needs you :D


    comment: Hi! :D....sometime I laugh really hard just reading your Qs that sometimes my mom thinks I've lost it coz I'm laughing out loud to the screen XD


    comment: such a gentleman with a very friendly attitude

    advice: try to ask & answer more :)


    comment: who's he again? :P:P

    -Wild Rose

    comment: she's really nice in her answers but I think she's new, well, glad to have you around :)


    comment: the one with the good stories, I like reading her answers coz there's always a funny story to read :D


    comment: 7obby :)

    advice: beny we ebnha :P


    comment: I like all his answers coz he always sounds reasonable & polite.

    -Sands of Time

    comment: I like the name a lot :), hope she's not worried anymore


    comment: so funny but been missing lately :D


    comment: opinionated, I like her answers :)

    -Lovable babie

    comment: one with the cheerful & sweet answers :)

    Source(s): wAllahy this time I wasn't pushing for a BA I was just asking you to leave the Q open for a while, till I answer it ya3ny :D
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  • 10 years ago

    sultan ahmed iv : i miss ur old pic (caring person )

    wolf : gang star :D

    pharaoh : ebn elbalad

    cesar : smart person but ba7so motsha2m awy

    dina : too lang answers always good answers but so long and i feel u book worm

    black rose: nice answers all the time and fragile i guess

    3la2 : very active person

    G#2 : funny in his own way

    passant : dunno moody i guess

    ziggy: cool guy

    zoro: whts up

    meroo : dunno

    silvia : would u marry me lo0ol

    eman G : wise

    talk-i : dunno

    mayar: makes me feeel that i was so dump when i was 13

    passion : good answers ( suspicious)

    medic: smart freak :D

    5aled : funny guy and i always read ur answers

    R : give a spirit to this section

    Yam: nice guy and always frist one to answer any question

    kemo: dunno

    marwan : cool guy

    A voice from the past : amzing nick name awesome girl

    yo!:never worry about saying anything outloud

    ranona:hi there

    MAcer: seriously how old r u :D

    sands of time : what is this suppose to mean:D

    WAG : ha2ol eh wla eh:P

    ry : can`t tell yet

    Ty @ sultan ahmed




    dina and i am here


    and ty YO!

    @ balck rose i dunno i just stop asking can`t figure out why is this

    @ passant i am here

    where is lyla she had very good answers which have been missing since a while

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  • G. #2
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    10 years ago

    you forgot Aldonblon and Reikomminder


    When you write your next question, 7a2ollak who you still forgot :P


    Edit: I will write down here then:

    -Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise (Me) - Thinks hes the boss, but a nice person nonetheless.

    -Egyptian Wolf - When he grow up, will be si-sayed

    -Egyptian Pharaoah - fakes, lol jk, reminds me of shillet es7abi

    -Caeser - J. Ceasar, I know a roman with the same initials.

    -Dina - Good girl

    -Black Rose - Gives good advice

    -3alaa - Forget me not

    -G#2 - A7san wa7ed

    -Pessant - Changes username and avatar all the time

    -Ziggy - hmmmmmm

    -Zoro - Cool dude

    -Meero - Good guy

    -Silvia - New to here, but a good person

    -Eman G - Hows baby?

    -Talk-I - I dont know

    -Mayar - Teenager

    -Passion - Weird and confusing sometimes

    -Medic - Our 911 guy

    -Khaled - Good person

    -R - Anserw good answers

    -y.A.m - How are you?

    -Kemo - ice-cream

    -Marwan - eshta

    -The lady with the butterfly in her name...I forget her name >_< (sorry) - Voice

    -YO! - Which nu,ber are you now? 12?

    -Ranona - yes

    -MACer - His name reminds me of Canada and Acer

    -Sands of Time - Remal al zaman

    -Wag - nice person

    -ry - Are why? - nice person

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise (Me): Dudee you're gonna be awesomer than that jew Einstein

    -Egyptian Wolf: Strong personality

    -Egyptian Pharaoah: Funny

    -Caeser: Seems open minded

    -Dina: She's gonna be one heck of a doctor.

    -Black Rose: She's one of my favorites too. I love your questions and you're awesome.

    -3alaa: Idk uhmmm you'll be a good doctor too.

    -G#2: Seems like you've traveled all over the world so awesome.

    -Ziggy: Funny

    -Zoro: uhm idk.

    -Meero: I like your questions

    -Silvia: She puts a lot of effort into her answers

    -Eman G: Is probably one awesome mother

    -Talk- Who is that

    -Mayar: You're hilarious. You remind me of my cousins in Egypt. For a 13 year old you seem older.

    -Passion: Sweet

    -Medic: Funny, but it's like this sarcastic funny you know and he seems really honest too.

    -Khaled: He's also funny

    -R: Asks a lot of questions but good questions

    -y.A.m: Hilarious. You've got a lot of swag brah. DId you move to Cali yet?

    -Kemo: Nice

    -Marwan: Nice

    -The lady with the butterfly in her name...I forget her name >_< (sorry): idk


    -Ranona: Very nice

    -MACer: Wise

    -Sands of Time: Idk

    -Wag: funny

    -ry: This girl is also super awesome haha. I could see her as being one of my friends in like reality lol.

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  • 10 years ago

    -Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise (Me): Has the ambition to be a great person in life

    -Egyptian Wolf

    -Egyptian Pharaoh: Dark sense of humor

    -Caesar: The familia man

    -Dina: Someone who's original and is real fun for a med school =P

    -Black Rose: Nice personality,opened up a lot lately

    -3ala2: Friendly and fun to be around

    -G#2: Good guy

    -Passant: A lot of humor,fun to be around but needs to be a lil bit relaxed

    -Ziggy: Don't know very much about her

    -Zoro: ta2e2 =D

    -Meero: Can't figure her out clearly just yet

    -Silvia: Quite the looker and reasonable in answers,quite and polite,very decent also.

    -Eman G: maganeeno =P Extremely fun and a lovable person

    -Talk-I:I like her replies

    -Mayar: hahahaha el ta2a2an kollo bas ya sob7an Allah mesh 3aref el nas bet thumb-ha down leh =( bas i like her comments and personality a lot.

    -Passion: Good young man.

    -Medic: momken 2a2ool fe she3r mn enaharda l bokr a el sob7 =D He's witty,he's sharp and smart,but he needs some amends in his personality at least to my preference

    -Khaled: The funny guy, someone you don't get bored talking to

    -R: malek el questions wel polls wel surveys (b 7a2 Rabena walahy ana mashoftesh keda,keeping the Egyptian section alive =D)

    -y.A.m: Funny dude

    -Kemo: Got to him a lot better, a very respectable guy,very reasonable and he's having a surprise for a ll of you Y!A users =P

    -Marwan: Funny,smart,reasonable w gowwa shab sayye3 =P

    -The lady with the butterfly in her name...I forget her name >_< (sorry) The name is ROJi aka Wild Rose: I like her answers a lot,bent balad keda =D

    -YO! good person

    -Ranona: Just like her sister =D

    -MACer: The one who's wise and quite seen it all,but needs to try being more Egyptian,i remember he once said on the scale of 1-10 he was 1 on the scale of Egyptian =(

    Sand of Time: Mystery for me

    WAG: Funny guy.

    Voice from the Past: gayya mel zaman el gameel keda =D A unique person i have to say.

    -ry: Sharp.

    @Mayar and R (it rhymes =P): you are more than welcome =D

    @Aldonnbon: walahy ya Hesham enta elly kont mesta5aby!! walahy ragel zay el fol w kfaya enno ye2rab l ref3at el gammal,mesh keda brdo wala hah? =P

    @Black_Rose: 3ala fekra sanet el gaesh 13 months mesh 9 deh beta3et el segoon ;P w Rabena yesma3 mennek =D

    @3ala2: nefsy a3raf schizophrenic leh,we7yat abook lanta mfahemny ya shei5 =P

    @Voice: walahy el 3azeem dah 2a2al el 2aleel,Rabena ye7meeky.

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  • 10 years ago

    Is it an impression or advice game? ok...I'll go for both ..I love giving advices :P

    -Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise (Me):

    smart and religious

    Advice: u stay online much...er7m 3nek :P:P

    -Egyptian Wolf:

    tense. tayeb. ba7so nzam ana we a5oya 3la ebn 3amy we ana we ebn 3amy 3la al3'reb

    Advice: mat7bkhash awe kda :P

    -Egyptian Pharaoah:

    not friendly . cynical . smart . good person I believe

    advice: look to the full side of the glass..


    nuts - hilarious , smart , once he talks he REALLY talks and it seems like he will never stop ;P but then ta55 bey stop ( chat experience lol )

    Advice: find sum other activities than sleeping..lazy :P


    smart - open minded - fit to be a role model - friendly we btkbr

    Advice: matktmesh fe nfsytk ;)

    -Black Rose:


    Advice: dunno you awe to go for advices ..but keep it up

    -3alaa :

    loves his country , charismatic and 3ndo 3o2da mn algwaz..or lets say women ? :P

    Advice: keep advertising for Egypt


    smart and funny we 3'reb kda :P

    Advice: duno

    -Pessant: wallahy P a s s a n t ...the best of the best man....akeed !

    advice: eshrby Birell


    she was fun and smart

    Advice: NA


    funny , spontaneous and kiddy like

    Advice: come more often


    klamha msh kter - dark - cynical

    Advice: pug dogs are not cute...consider it


    girly girl -classy - smart - sensetive and nice

    Advice: get over ur sensetivity ...advice for me too

    -Eman G

    cool mommy - ta2a

    Advice: ask more..used to luv ur Qs

    -Talk-I: still no impression


    comedian for her age - pretty - spontaneous we mabtsktsh 3n 7a2ha

    Advice: keep it up


    cute and nice

    Advice: salla7 al 3rby :P


    klma we 3'ataha

    Advice: participate to see ur answers more often


    m a s 5 r a

    Advice: show up more


    really funny - bartman we etdl2 questions :D

    Advice: keep rolling


    funny - witty

    Advice: keep rolling


    decent and polite..King of soft skills !

    Advice: participate more


    smart - precise - lame ( hi5 Dine :P ) - blue shwya lately?

    Advice: erg3 ya wa7ed

    -The lady with the butterfly in her name...I forget her name >_< (sorry) : wild rose? if u mean her then she is fine , like her answers

    -YO! :

    she is funny but 3yla and easily teased :P she once went mad at me for calling her tama3a or smthng like that ..the tips Q remember :P

    Advice: grow up! :P...jk


    cute we bubbly and talked from her heart msA

    Advice: keep it up dayman


    reasonable - wise - religious

    Advice: show up more

    -Sands of Time: no impression yet


    tfoly and funny and friendly

    advice: come bak !



    advice: mfesh

    Voice from the past:

    3a2la - comedian - ba7sha bnt masreya aseela

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  • -Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise (Me) ---- keep doin what ya doin' kid!

    -Egyptian Wolf --- cool bro! I wanna work out n be like him lol

    -Egyptian Pharaoah --- fakes mn el shab da hahha jk da 7ad lazeez lol

    -Caeser --- egyptian mafioso lol

    -Dina --- hi dina!

    -Black Rose --- hi black rose!

    -3alaa --- hi 3ala2

    -G#2 --- what's up Belgian man lol

    -Pessant --- hi pessant

    -Ziggy --- hi ziggy

    -Zoro --- lol ur name is zorro

    -Meero --- hi meero

    -Silvia --- hey silvia, ur really nice

    -Eman G --- hi eman!

    -Talk-I --- hi

    -Mayar --- lol who is this i have no idea who this is, never talked to this person before

    -Passion --- hi passion haha

    -Medic --- what's up bro haha

    -Khaled --- ezayak yalla

    -R --- lol this guy is like the male Mayar

    -y.A.m --- STAY CLASSY BABY!!!! I <3 U!

    -Kemo --- hi kemo

    -Marwan ---- hi marwan

    -The lady with the butterfly in her name...I forget her name >_< (sorry) --- BUTTERFLIES

    -YO! ---- lmaoooo hi dina OW OW OW OW LOOK ITS RONALDO OHEMGEE haha pizza hut :P

    -Ranona --- hi ranona

    -MACer --- hi i have a macbook pro

    -Sands of Time --- time after tiiime, if u look i will find u ill be with uuuuu, time after tiiiiime

    -Wag --- WAG!

    -ry --- hi ry! ur so cool i think ur cool lol

    Source(s): thats all i could thin up lawl @ ahmed: ur still a kid, ya lil runt! hahahha *head noogie*
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  • 10 years ago

    first of all, (The lady with the butterfly in her name) xDxD--->wants to thank you all :

    @Sultan Ahmed IV the wise : ana ROji :D and thanx alot :)

    @G. #2: (voice) sounds nice, a little bit ambiguous :D but thanx

    @♛ y.A.m : BUTTERFLIES :D:D..well, i will count it as i have free thoughts like butterflies (7etta mn 3andy :D)

    @Wolf :Merciii awyy :) Nice of you to say, i like being(bent balad)--->Masrya Aslya ;) xDxD

    @Dina: thanks alot :)

    @Marwan :Thanx, u r a good person too.

    @Black Rose : Hello to u too :)and thank u

    And here we go :


    -Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise (Me): his answers always show his hatred of disorder and corruption.. (sha5syya thawryya)

    -Egyptian Wolf:he is informative,smart and up to date,plus b2a i feel the good principles of (Al ragol Al sharqy in him) :)

    -Egyptian Pharaoah:Hwa ana keda :D:D has his own views and his short answers bet2ool:{5ayr el kalam ma qall wa dall} :D

    -Caeser : a real Caeser :D

    -Dina: cheery and lovely..with effectually smart answers

    -Black Rose :wise , lovable and her answers are always to the point :)

    -3alaa :He is smart,funny and has an outgoing attitude towards life (uncomplicated natuure )

    -G#2 : confusing :D

    -Pessant :Cute, sensitive and natural girl...i love her questions:(Egypt,Translate please) :D:D

    -Meero :having the same bad habit of me; knowing people's zodiac signs :D:D

    -Mayar:funny, tabe3yya we 3afawyyaa geddan, ely fe albaha 3ala lesanha (welly 3ala lesanha is in her answers) :D

    -Passion :cute and calm, his answers are always simple and away from being complicated or philosophic (as if he doesn't want to bother anyone) :):)

    -Medic :i feel he is like a strict leader ( la yostahaan beeh) :D

    -Khaled : a good person :)

    -R :i like his questions which are like (surveys) :D. sha5sya fodolya and loves knowing what do people think , i like his curiosity :D

    -y.A.m :Funny :D

    -Marwan : has good view points

    -The lady with the butterfly in her name...I forget her name >_< (sorry) :im the girl with the forgotten name :D:D or the butterfly girl (3ala ra2y y.A.m)

    -MACer : wise

    -Sands of Time: Expressive name !:)

    And im sorry for the other unmentioned names :$ ,i couldn't figure them out clearly,anyway al ayam baynana XDXD

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise (Me)--> the coolest and most amazing person on Earth, extremely KIND and GENEROUS and .....*whispers* : will give me BA. haha just kidding. no you're pretty cool. I like how you're always keeping up with whats new in masr and take pride in your culture. ;)

    -Egyptian Wolf --> advice: dont worry about el geish. inshallah e3fa...or ta2geel...or 9 months :D

    comment: mo7taram awy w 7asah ebn nas keda

    -Egyptian Pharaoah --> doesnt care who's reading what. whatever comes to mind, reaches his keyboard lol

    -Caeser --> i think that if i ever saw you in public, i would be extremely frightened...*mafioso* haha

    -Dina --> Out of all the people here on Y!A, you're the one that reminds me of myself the most. kteer awy when im reading your answers it feels like i typed them up. lol...or else you're a mind reader then thats just creepy O.o.O

    -Black Rose --> "how you doin?" <--- said in a 'Joey' voice.

    -3alaa --> smart w 3a2el w gada3 awy. b 2amaret el flat tire eyaha ;) w 3ala fekra im older than you haha ''mature for my age'' :P inshalah you'll be a very good doctor some day orayeb

    -G#2 --> Advice: khaley emanak b rabina kbeer, inshallah you have done brilliantly on your exam

    -Pessant --> advice: dont be over sensitive :)

    comment: has awesome questions once her mood swings start :P:P just kidding ;)

    -Ziggy --> umm hello? lol i dont know you that well, sorry :) oh and ur welcome for posting those questions yesterday

    -Zoro --> i saw your answer like...once. so hello. im black rose :D

    -Meero --> likes to disappear often. but i like your questions

    -Silvia --> seems sweet

    -Eman G --> tayeba and interesting and is also Maha's mom :P

    -Talk-I --> welcome to the Egypt section *throws confetti*

    -Mayar --> Advice: dont talk to strangers :D haha she gives the section roo7 shababeya *cough* tofooleya *cough* haha just kidding. you're so fun! and ur questions are great.

    -Passion --> its great to see someone who cares for a country thats not there homeland so much

    -Medic --> one of the funniest people on the site..XD. mafrood tetkhasas fl amrad el nafseya. msh haykoon fee mardet ekte2ab tany f masr :D

    -Khaled --> mo7taram awy

    -R --> has caused my addiction to Y!A to increase because of all the questions!!!

    -y.A.m --> pretty cool

    -Kemo --> disappeared for a while but welcome back!! you seem pretty relaxed..which is a good thing haha

    -Marwan --> seems to be down a bit these days? msh keda wala eh?

    Advice: dont give up, inshallah a good job will be waiting for you right after agazet el 3eed. w bokra t2ool black rose 2alet ;)

    -The lady with the butterfly in her name...Wild Rose: you seem new to me, but starting to like you already ;) hello to you.

    -YO! --> one of my favorites besara7a. I love how you take so much pride in your culture and religion and you're so up front and honest with anyone and everyone. has a very strong personality mashallah and isn't afraid of saying her opinion, in a respectful way. note: mabrook 3ala el pre-med. inshallah you'll be an awesome doctor some day!!!

    -Ranona --> reminds me of Dina, hence reminds me of myself. XD shedy fl exams!!

    -MACer --> the wise a good way taba3an! Rabina ye7faz your little family. I think its very sweet how you took the time to acknowledge how important your family is to you and how happy you are mashallah:) Rabina yekhalekom l ba3d ;)

    -Sands of Time --> kinda new here, but has some interesting questions

    -Wag ---> had some awesome questions back in the day..i dont know whatever happened to that though lol

    -ry --> reminds me of Canada :) shes really sweet

    -A VOICE FROM THE PAST ya gama3a!!! --> very smart and wise keda :D and is actually making me think of changing my nickname to Rose bas. balash el black de :P

    @Mayar: XD bahazar m3aky. just a piece of advice 3lshan enty zoghanona :P hahah el gharad enek ted7aky ya3ni ;)

    @Wolf: eh da. fe3lan? asl my cousin kan el awel khadoh zabet and then now by2olo 9 months (yan3i sana) or yemken ana elly msh fahma....anyways enta adra. inshallah kheir

    @Marwan: tool 3omry lamee7a <--- kelma gdeeda for you. lolz. cheer up!!

    @Ahmed: 3ala fekra, you still haven't answered your own question

    @Ahmed: well since you posted this three times, you can give each one of us BA. haha or you can just choose your favorite answers. i was just joking anyways

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  • Al
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    -Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise: Good man..looks Hispanic..needs overactivity medication :P

    -Egyptian Wolf: gada3..schizophrenic..tough on the outside, softie on the inside(I assume)..

    He's ma man here. :)

    -Egyptian Pharoah: black comedy..sinister the sometimes smug attitude!

    -Caeser: sounds like an Italian mobster idk why!pretty smart and blunt dude too.

    -Dina: bless her heart..she's so adorable..we zamelet kefa7 fe elmad3oo2a elly ana we heya feeha :(

    -Black Rose: smart..sounds mature for her kinda gal :P

    -3alaa: bastard!!!! :P

    -G#2: love his smarta** atitude..coz I'm the same in real life.

    -Passant: her sense of humor..little overdramatic and oversensitive though..needs to

    cool down a bit.

    -Meero: I picture her as a first lady idk why..she's so mature and wise..not sure how old she is, bas

    she has the soul of a mature middle aged woman :)

    -Silvia: SWEET..GORGEOUS..just a little too sensitive and skeptical of other people.

    -Eman G: haven't got to know her well yet, but she sounds like ONE FUN MOMMY :))

    -Mayar: she's a cutie, and such a character for her age..I know she's gonna grow up to kick guys'


    -Passion: His sense of loyalty to Egypt really warms my heart..he has a very cozy vibe to him :)

    -Medic: smarta**!!he reminds me of G#2 a looot!!bardo zameel kefa7 :)

    -Khaled: howa we medic we G#2= tholathy adwa2 elsection his "captain" avatar haha

    -R: cutie!!also my kinda gal :)

    -y.A.m: good guy..little loud in real life I think..good jokster too :)

    -Marwan: I love his "Egyptian" sense of humour!!it's so unique!!his avatar throws me off a bit though!

    -Ranona:sweet and caring :)

    -MACer: wise dude!!Him and Meero sound wise beyond their years LOT!!!

    -ry: classy chick!!I like her a lot!!She sounds so fun to be around in real life!! :)

    EDIT: LMAOOOOOO...mistook R for Ranona instead of R..ok then forget what I said before..Ramy's one helluva pollster!!!!!

    Source(s): That was a lotta work!!
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