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German help: I need a very advanced material about telling the time in German! Anyone knows?

Does anyone know where i can find an advanced material about telling the time in German, I have lots of difficulty on saying them in German and I'm not satisfied with the material found in the internet which just shows the very basic of it. Please, if there is anyone who knows where i can find it, help me.

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    There's not all that much to say about it.

    Basically there are 2 methods of speaking about the time of day:

    1. The 24 hour clock:

    0:00 Null Uhr,

    0:15 Null Uhr fünfzehn,

    0:23 Es ist null Uhr dreiundzwanzig.

    22:56 Es ist zweiundzwanzig Uhr sechsundfünfzig 1:00 Es ist ein Uhr. etc

    You use that whenever you need precision.

    2. The 12 hour clock:

    8:00 am "Es ist acht Uhr morgens". With the numbers from 12 to 4am you add "nachts", from 5am to 11am "morgens", 12 is "12 Uhr mittags" or "Mitternacht", from 1pm to 5pm you can add "nachmittags" from 6pm to 11pm "abends" , but you wouldn't unless it was ambiguous otherwise.

    With the 12-hour clock you use "fünf/zehn/viertel nach", etc, but be careful with the half hours! German counts them TOWARD the NEXT hour, not after the last. 7:30 is "Halb acht". From there it's "Fünfundwanzig Minuten vor acht" (7:35), "zwanzig vor acht" (7:40) "viertel vor acht" (7:45), etc.

    There really is nothing else to it.

    Here's a good grammar site for German:


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