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Misr: Translate please because I don't know Arabic or English at all :'(?

Give a word of advice or a comment to each of these people:

-Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise (Me)

-Egyptian Wolf

-Egyptian Pharaoah



-Black Rose








-Eman G







-The lady with the butterfly in her name...I forget her name >_< (sorry)

And anyone else that I forgot please.

NOTE: I reached my answer limit so I cant answer any more questions today XD


@YAM: LMAO XD , walahy Im very sorry. It's just that I'm used to you being ESD and so the "y.A.m" never stuck to my mind. Forgive me :'(

*Add y.A.m to the list*

Update 2:

What the hell? Ok Im reposting this question.

Ill take another -5 as redemption happy???

Update 3:


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  • Marwan
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    10 years ago
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    ehm ehm..

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  • 4 years ago

    -Sultan Ahmed IV the Wise (Me): Have the ambition to be a great person in life -Egyptian Wolf -Egyptian Pharaoh: Dark sense of humor -Caesar: The familia man -Dina: Someone who's original and is real fun for a med school =P -Black Rose: Nice personality,opened up a lot lately -3ala2: Friendly and fun to be around -G#2: Good guy -Passant: A lot of humor,fun to be around but needs to be a lil bit relaxed -Ziggy: Don't know very much about her -Zoro: ta2e2 =D -Meero: Can't figure her out clearly just yet -Silvia: Quite the looker and reasonable in answers,quite and polite,very decent also. -Eman G: maganeeno =P Extremely fun and a lovable person -Talk-I:I like her replies -Mayar: hahahaha el ta2a2an kollo bas ya sob7an Allah mesh 3aref el nas bet thumb-ha down leh =( bas i like her comments and personality a lot. -Passion: Good young man. -Medic: momken 2a2ool fe she3r mn enaharda l bokr a el sob7 =D He's witty,he's sharp and smart,but he needs some amends in his personality at least to my preference -Khaled: The funny guy, someone you don't get bored talking to -R: malek el questions wel polls wel surveys (b 7a2 Rabena walahy ana mashoftesh keda,keeping the Egyptian section alive =D) -y.A.m: Funny dude -Kemo: Got to him a lot better, a very respectable guy,very reasonable and he's having a surprise for a ll of you Y!A users =P -Marwan: Funny,smart,reasonable w gowwa shab sayye3 =P -The lady with the butterfly in her name...I forget her name >_< (sorry) The name is ROJi aka Wild Rose: I like her answers a lot,bent balad keda =D -YO! good person -Ranona: Just like her sister =D -MACer: The one who's wise and quite seen it all,but needs to try being more Egyptian,i remember he once said on the scale of 1-10 he was 1 on the scale of Egyptian =( Sand of Time: Mystery for me WAG: Funny guy. Voice from the Past: gayya mel zaman el gameel keda =D A unique person i have to say.

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  • G. #2
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    10 years ago

    The lady with the butterfly esmaha Voice from the past.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    and by the way: you dont know arabic or english at all? be2amaret that you posted the question itself in perfect english? :p:p:p

    good times

    you forgot Ranona too!!! and MACer and Sands of Time!!!

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  • 10 years ago

    I'm passant not pessant btw :P

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  • you forgot me, I can't believe it, I HATE YOUUUU IM NEVER SPEAKING TO YOU AGAIN

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  • Kemo
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    10 years ago

    U forgot me...:(

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