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German question, please, help.?

What are the options to refer to the hour


Halber bis mitternacht? Halb bis mitternacht? Halb mitternacht? Halb null? Halb vierundzwanzig?

What are the formal and correct ways?

What are the colloquial and informal ways?

What would a german person answer?

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    "Dreiundzwanzig Uhr dreißig"

    "Halb zwölf (nachts/in der Nacht)"

    "Eine halbe Stunde vor/bis Mitternacht" if you feel you have to mention that, like on New Year's Eve

    All are correct and formal.

    With the twelve hour clock you use "halb" and "viertel vor/ viertel nach"; with the 24-hour clock the exact number of minutes is used. Full hours are just the numbers from 0 to 24 plus "Uhr", no silly "hundred" as in American usage. (sorry if you happen to be American, but there is no hundred anywhere on the clock)

    Bavarians and Austrians also use "dreiviertel zwölf" (11:45 or 23:45)

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