Tell me about Ghost Adventures.?

The show Ghost Adventures in my opinion is very interesting, and I love it, but is it real? Do they make up a bunch of stuff to make the show interesting, or is it raw/rare/real phenomenon happening? Does anybody really know this? It would be great if someone could tell me.

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    While I'm a believer in the paranormal, I am ALWAYS a skeptic first. I was immediately hooked from the moment I saw the first episode! The show has every element you can ask for in a ghost series. The suspense, the unknown, the guerrilla style footage, the evidence, validity, and passion. But of course, my skeptic switch turned on and I, like yourself, began wondering.

    While looking through articles on Ghost Adventures, I stumbled upon a skeptic's forum. This is a post made by a film specialist concerning what they've captured:


    "...I consider myself a some what expert on digital rendering and photogenic fakery. I have created several "fake" videos for my job and let me tell you to edit out things [-such as the string pulling the brick-] is not a hard thing to do. However trying to mask that, even by editing then re recording is a time consuming endeavor. The equipment i used is far more advanced than that owned by any tv channel or private person. And i can tell you with out doubt that this footage is some what real. So many of you have brought up so many good points here, but i have to say that unless your profession is in exact digital editing and encoding you have no reason to dispute. It is true that many people can do wonderful things with adobe and its products, however the average joe would have a lot of trouble doing it. i challenge anyone to get a free copy of after effects for example and try and re make what was shown on this episode. Now the next point. which you might be thinking that the channel which produces this show is editing the footage with skilled people. This could be very true. But when shooting in an IR spectrum the footage is distorted to allow ambient light to enter the camera and provide a "night vision". IR footage is very very difficult to edit, mainly adding things to it. One example for you. I was sent a video which was not original and had been re recorded several times. and when viewing and analyzing there were tel tale things i could see that led me to the conclusion that the video had been faked or edited to add some properties. When i saw the episode of the "brick" i watched the scene where that guy looked at the footage. NOW there is no visible change in the tine line or in the output waves shown on the time slider on his screen the two match exactly. yes i have screen caped and enhanced to make sure. If anything was done to the video pre or post editing it would show up as a valley not a spike like he mentioned. Those two file time lines he had are the original footage he received and the footage stored in the memory of the computer. and they match. You do not need original footage to defiantly decree if something had been faked or not.

    Now the "spirit" who walks behind the guy and through the light. OK this is a VERY difficult thing to do and no matter what you do in editing this is going to take time. You have to shoot the segment two times. Once to get the guy walking away then second to have the "spirit walk by" Now on a still image this is easy. take the picture of the room then take a picture of the guy in the room. Crop out the guy and use a clone tool of some kind to fill in the space of the removed guy. Then on the second image crop the guy out once more and add it to the original image that has been cloned and edited. add a few filters and drop the opacity and viola your done. In video however this is a tough thing to fake. i estimate that it would take me about 60 to 70 hours to edit this together. every layer i would add would make a valley on the time line and disrupt the IR output waves drastically. thus decreasing the video quality, so i would have to run an enhance spectrum filter of some kind and that would change all of the properties on the footage. no matter how many times i copy the file the footage will show up as edited on any basic software. again the expert who viewed the video had two exact timeline's.

    Now im not saying i believe in ghosts or anything or that these guys are the legit ghost hunters. However in this marines expert opinion i have to say that their evidence is pretty compelling. i know im going to get a load of hate comments here and i appreciate the hate. but i stand by my profession and my knowledge of the digital realm..."


    I, personally, find their evidence to be very believable and compelling. With the evidence presented merely by video, I can't conclude whether it is truly real or faked since I wasn't actually there in person. The reactions and the unrehearsed, raw nature of their captures definitely adds to the possibility that it could be very real. Something strange is definitely at work in the places they visit, in my opinion, and whether it is paranormal or explained away by science, we might never know until it is researched further :)

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    Ghost Adventures

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    No need to make anything up-ghost stories are pretty much all over the place-every city has at least one resident ghost of some sort. Whether the stories are true or not is a different matter-but the stories are not fiction in that they were connected with the area long before the Ghost Adventures people got to their bit.

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    Yes there are ghosts but they don't show themselves easily they just live in their world as we are interested in them but they are not they don't permit anyone to look at their privacy.

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