need a 6th pokemon for my team?

this is for wifi...

so I decided to use my old team, but now salamence is banned. I also changed staraptor to flygon for this.


adamant 252 attack 252 hp 6 speed


dynamic punch

stone edge


swampert@ leftovers

relaxed forgot EV's, but it's EV trained


ice beam


stealth rock

metagross@ life orb

jolly (already trained) 252 speed, 252 attack 6 hp

ice punch

meteor mash

thunder punch


flygon@ choice scarf

adamant 252 attack 252 speed 6 hp

u turn

stone edge



scizor@ choice band

adamant 252 attack 152 hp 106 special defense

bullet punch

u turn



Also, after choosing the 6th pokemon, can you rate the team and give suggestions?



the grey one said no

Update 2:


might add a starmie, for special attack, or an infernape for the fire type, and have a mixed set

Update 3:

Now I'm really thinking about infernape...

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    Your team is great in general, you should win many battles with it.

    I'm not sure about getting an Infernape for your team. This leaves your team with 2 Psychic and Flying weaknesses, neither which Infernape will survive.

    I notice that your team lacks a fighting resist Pokemon. Spore Punching Breloom can use Focus Punch to 2HKO all of your Pokemon and it can use Spore in disable some Pokemon for a few turns. A Sleep Talking Pokemon with high defense or resistance to fighting is recommended. Cresselia does a good job since it can absorb Sleep with Sleep Talk and KO in return with Psychic.

    Come to think of it, Infernape can revenge kill a Breloom......ehh...

    Well, the 6th Pokemon is up to you, i advise a Special Attacking Pokemon since your team has a lot of Physical hitters anyway and none are immune to the burn status.

    Hope this helps!


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    You could go for a salamance to catch it I think after beating the elite 4 (my opinion) you can catch it by lanette's house by the falls. I rate your team 3 stars you should maybe find a golem or other good pokemon. a suggestion is that you train & catch lots of rare pokemon. keep your team's levels balanced like if your a good trainer than all of them should at least be at lv. 60. if you need any more help the just ask me. so if you need any other tips im the guy!!

  • 4 years ago

    relies upon on what pokemon you like and how you employ be attentive to-how and stuff. in case you're going by what varieties the gymnasium leaders have, i think of the ideal determination for a starter, would be Tepig, the hearth pokemon. as quickly because it evolves, that's hearth and combating, plus you get the grass pokemon Pansage. the only leaders you're transforming into issues of incorporate Elesa, Skyla and Drayden/Iris. i'd propose catching an ice pokemon, by way of fact 2 of Elesa's pokemon are flying, and the others are all additionally susceptible to ice (aside from Skyla's Swanna, i think of, by way of fact the water makes ice assaults common).

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    I would add on a fire or electric type on this team.

    A ninetails or heatran would work nicely for a fire and Rotom or Jolteon for electric.

    This team, overall, is pretty good, but I would have give it a 7/10 because all of yours are physically based. For your sixth, put something with a good Sp Attack.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Try a fire pokemon that knows rock or ground moves, grass knot, or thunder punch. You have a good team here with pokemon that know moves that will help against their counters. You're team is only physical, though, so I'ss give it a 8/10

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    Get the grey one

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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