My First Car! Need Some advice!?

Hi im looking to Buy a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT. I wanted to know Since this car is 22 Years Old If the Guy gets me new Brakes, Tires, Oil Change, New paint job , and More, How long do you thing it will Last me? Im a 17 Year Old student College Starts Next Year and i really want this car. Also What Auto Insurance Can i get for this car? I dont Know How much Miles it has On it yet i will update When i get all the Info. Also Anyone Know Some questions i can ask the man when i decide to buy?


by the way if this even does matter i live in Connecticut.

Update 2:

The Guy Said when he is done Adding in the new things he will get back to me with more info, thx to everyone that has answered so far, it has got me thinking a lot about what im going to be looking for and asking. Keep Answering ! :D

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    A lot depends on how many miles it has and how it was maintained.

    Ask to see the title and note if there are any disclaimers on the mileage. It is a federal crime to tamper with the mileage reading and not report it on the title.

    Consider getting a carfax run. It records some issues such as discrepancies in the mileage readings as it has been sold and will let you know how many people or shops have owned it.

    Your list of new items are lot of minor things that should have zero impact on the price or reliability. If any of them were not in good condition, you could knock the cost of doing them from the price but they don't add anything since they are just bringing the car to good operating condition.

    You don't mention the most important item, how many miles the engine has on it.

    I am on my third Formula (88 GT in plain coupe body). They have been quite reliable.

    The 2.8 liter 6 is a durable engine.

    The engine in the first one lasted 185K miles. It would have lasted longer if I would have checked the oil level and not let it get low. It developed a rod knock which would have needed an engine rebuild. (I bought it new)

    The engine in the second one has 245K miles on it but has massive blow by and needs a rebuild. It was running great till somewhere past 230K miles. (I bought it with 55K miles from a racer that really maintained it well. I had known him for 7 months in 1989 and knew how he maintained it.)

    My current one has 141K and is running strong. (I bought it with 105K miles from a person who was selling it for the widow of a collector that had five fieros stored in a barn. Flew to Chicago and drove it home that day. Should have spent more time checking it out. There were a few issues that I could have probably used to knock the price down by about $1000. )

    Especially since you are new to this, HAVE A MECHANIC YOU TRUST CHECK THE CAR OUT. The mechanic can do a number of tests on the engine to determine how solid it is running. He will also look at the suspension to determine if it is likely to need work soon (that comes off the selling price) and how the transmission feels. My experience (I drove my first two with manuals for 375K miles) with the manual transmission is that there is a part (clutch release arm) that breaks in it causing major damage around 100K miles and the clutch (when driven by a competent driver) will last that long.

    The car is 22 years old. Old cars will have issues, mostly minor. Other than the final end of life on the engine and general maintenance issues like clutch, brakes, etc, the only significant repairs I have had to make are replacing a water pump and a couple alternators.

    There are some parts that are hard to find, especially for 88's that only had about 36,000 made. Even harder for 88 GTs and Formulas where there were only about 12,000 made. The 88's have a much better suspension than the earlier years.

    For a few years, front wheel bearings were completely unobtainable. A specialty company that does parts for collectible machinery has been making new ones but they are much more expensive than a typical wheel bearing.

    There are a couple good mailing lists on the web where you can find more answers. The one I like best is

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    Well, I am definite we each recognize the historic pronouncing that money talks and the entire leisure walks. for a used vehicle for reliability, non-home, this might be palms down toyota or honda. But is paying the top class for a sixteen y.o. boy valued at the dividends. This is all too based at the approach he drives and cares for, or abuses, his experience. Personally, I'd placed him an older Caprice or Crown Vic for quite a lot of causes, and allow him fear approximately the gas invoice. Teaches responsibilty, mainly with cash. However, if he's recognized to be the exception to the guideline, and wont bend to see strain, then the customary plan of Honda or Toyota makes excellent experience, as they are going to maintain abit in their importance if cared for and must be effortless to promote while it's time to improve. By the way in which, a carfax is constantly a well notion on any used vehicle, except its just a few historic $2 hundred door slammer, no longer what you indicated as watching for.

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    First question you ask this guy is what his IQ is. If he gives you a real low number like 20, then proceed to explain all the repairs you want and then be BOLD, offer him 2,000 bucks when the car is ready. Be sure you also get a two year full coverage warranty. I think if you BS your way through Geico the insurance will be free!

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    == the only way that it is a good buy is if it has a new engine ....the rest of the new stuff is great for you and if I were you I would find a nice VW cabrio (convertible) for the campus dream car .. and anyway the chicks dig dudes with the drop top ride.... the motor in every FerrerO that I have ever seen was smoking and ready to blow or it was parked with a shot engine ... please find other car.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well, it lasted 22 years up to now. If you replace everything, brand new, it should last another 22 years (if you do not crash)

    PS do not pay anything until all that work is done

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