Help ... Very heartbroken?

K...i m 20 male. The last time I was really in love was around 2 yrs. Back. But we broke after I found out that she was cheating. I was left heartbroken. Afterwards.. I tried to find someone... I have asked out around 20-25 gals... But none of them were interested.. Why the hell doesnt anyone not want me... What shuld I do? My heart yearns to be in that magical feeling once again

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    hi, you sound like your still grieving for the lost love,and in saying that outwardly you may well be cocky asking out othere girls trying hard to find a replacement and if thats the case girls will see it straight away.its so sad but us girls seem to home in on a guy if hes all needy,or too quick to move to next base,ie dates dinners,all that heavy romantic advice is and this comes from personal experiances way back when i was exactly like you nursing a broken heart,its easy to over compansate look heartbroken,seem like you want someone anyone ,and that just wont do,will all have a soulmate the special person we are destined to meet to love to share our lives with and sometomes it feels like a million yrs away but you believe me when i say its not.i spent 11yrs alone after my husband cheated on me whilst i was in hospital having our second child,my heart was ripped from my chest i thought but when it was right i met my hubby rob,id waited so long id stopped even going out to look and by chance we met fell in love and married and for the first time since i was a teen i know he is the one nothing else comes close so you hang on in there stop looking live a little do something different and you will find the special lady your meant to have. good luck and cheer up my friend,its all got a purpose,next time you will be better prepared and no if its the right one.

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    You're acting desperate. Just let go, think of other things.

    Try very hard to concentrate on your job or family. Don't go around asking girls out. When you feel ready, go to have fun at the pub or just go to the city centre and meet a new girl. Let it happen naturally. Don't go with the thoughts that you HAVE TO find a girl, just enjoy the moments. Don't force it, allow it! ;) Love is like a flower - opens up slowly, but becomes beautiful and it's worth the patience.

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    First thing i want to put some Shakespeare Quote then i would tell you what i believe on , so Shakespeare Said

    " Girls are Like Shadow's if you follow them, they will run away for you , and when you run away from them , they will follow you "

    Did you get my point budy . thats what the truth is , as my concerned , i believe over something

    " Mera Ishq Mera Khuda hai , Duniya ty ek Mithi Saza hai , Thain to Door i ekk Gunaah hai Teri Qurbat wich Jaza hai "

    " My Love is My Allah (God) " Simply :)

    Girls are Not Really a good things now a days , better to have distance from them cause if some girl's follow you then later she will goes with your Rules nor you goes with her rules

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    Dude slow down. Seriously you need to be patient and wait for the right girl to come. Don't rush and enjoy your time being single. Good things happen to good people

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    The time isn't right for you right now. Just take it slow and go with the flow, and you'll meet the right person.

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    u know when people say there is a certain feeling when you find the person who is right its true she is on her way just be patient

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