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why do insects fly towards a light in the dark?

its obvious that insects fly towards lights, but why exactly? i know they are attracted to it, but why is this?

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    I've noticed this behavior in toads as well. I have not noticed it in flies or mosquitoes. The insects that follow this pattern do not eat as adults. They have a brief adult cycle and live on energy from their larval feast. Moths being the most common that do this for example. My suspicion is it has to do with finding like minded partners for life. But if you go back to before there was artificial light, then that bright light in the night sky would serve to coordinate their assembly. Some toads seem to be attracted to artificial light at night as well and can be found on their way to a plenty to eat. Flies are conveniently assembled by their food source and bright lights have no affect on them. What is interesting, is to see what is and is not caught by an ultraviolet bug zapper. Some lizards will jump into them and suffer. Mating ants and termites are common too. This gives ground to my theory.

    Source(s): Living and observing with unusual interest in the smaller things and their peculiar interests.
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    Not sure about insects in general, but I heard years ago (maybe even in school) that MOTHS do it because they mistake light at night for the sun. They are "programmed" to fly with the sun positioned off one wing in order to keep to a straight-line flight, more or less. At night they try to navigate by the false "sun." With candles, I've also heard, the result is a gently spiraling course that eventually leads to them burning up in the flame.

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    Insects (for some reason) like the heat of the bulb so they flock to the light in any season.

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    Always insects are atracted towards lights because they love lights but they do not know that thye are going to find there end in this lights.

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    Cause they enjoy smacking into things

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