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Please rate my singing... (audio included) - Lenny Kravitz?


here is me singing "Always on the run" by Lenny Kravitz.


I think this is big step forward in my singing, because month ago I couldn't sing this song at all this high, as I was pushing my chest voice for years, and didn't have any head/mix voice. Now I think this is more the mix then chest (Am I right?) because I feel my voice resonating in the mask area of my head.

But this is still not very smooth, and it's not so easy for me to sing it. I add some raspiness to voice, cause it's the only way that I can hit this high notes, it's usually unintentional raspiness, not something I aim for but it's there anyway when I sing high, I can't hit those notes with clear voice.

So does anyone has some input on me singing, and can tell me if he/she can hear something I do wrong here?



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    Trust me as a true Lenny Kravitz fan that I give you props. I think you did a very good job for just starting and hope that you continue on with your dream. I do however think that you shouldn't "push" your voice so much..I know you said you did some of it intentionally but perhaps in places you did it too much.

    You have talent and just need to continue working on it. I enjoyed listening to it and hope you continue working on your dream. Good luck.

    Peace, Love & Happiness

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