Are there any I.Q. tests for preteens?

My sister is having a big problem with finding out what her I.Q. is. She looked up the one for kids but it was geared towards 6 year olds. She told me it asked her easy things like what color blood was. And when she takes the one for adults its too hard. Please answer and links would be good.


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    First of all, so-called "I.Q. tests" that you can find on the internet are not the least bit reliable. The best option for your sister is to request an I.Q. test from her school. You can talk to the guidance counselor or the principal, and they'll most likely have a direction for you to go in.

    Second, I.Q. tests really aren't necessary. They can't be completely reliable due to so many variables. If your sister's grades are consistent, those will be far more reliable than a single circumstance I.Q. test.

    I've taken multiple I.Q. tests that have been monitored by certified proctors. I began taking them in the fifth grade and continued to do so every other year until I graduated from high school. In my case, though, I was required to take them. I was considered to be a "Gifted" student, and in order for that to be validated, I had to take tests on a regular basis. It was an extremely frustrating process, and the tests were so stressful. It's not something you do for pleasure or just out of curiosity. Because the results make little to no difference in one's life, the tests are pretty pointless.

    I encourage you and your sister to reconsider. Encourage her to focus on her studies and keep her grades high, and then when the time comes, make sure she is extremely prepared for the ACT and/or SAT. Being well-rounded and finding a passion (be it music, art, sports, drama, whatever) are also helpful. Colleges and workplaces look for those things.

    I hope this helps. If your sister is deadset on taking an I.Q. test, though, just make sure you go through her school. Otherwise, it will likely turn out to be a huge, unreliable waste of time. Best of luck to both of you.

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    Katie is right. I'll just add the only way anyone can take a real IQ test is from a licensed psychologist. Real IQ tests do not ask trivia questions or rely on math or English skills. Online IQ tests are fake, all of them, and many are scams to get your personal information. But a psychologist's time is valuable; it can cost hundreds of dollars to get a real test. And it doesn't matter at all. No employer or college will ever ask what your IQ is. It's what you do that matters, not a number.

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