Ladies, how would you handle this situation?

I tend to add people on my facebook even if i do not know them, but recently i have notice that the majority of my requests have been from males. So i added this guy a while ago and occassianlly he would post on my wall and under my pictures. But the other day out of no where he asked for my number and i basically asked him why and he is getting an attitude about not giving it to him. I mean, he is kind of cool and nice, but i only know him from facebook. anyways...

what would you do?

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    10 years ago
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    AFR-CAM, il faut faire très attention sur FaceBook et sur Internet en général.

    Bien sûr, les gens peuvent devenir amis sur Internet, et même parfois lier une relation (si affinités il y a).

    Mais il faut te méfier des gens que tu ne connais pas, même si tu es quelqu'un de gentil, car beaucoup de personnes ( des hommes, mais aussi des femmes) sont malhonnêtes et parfois dangereuses.

    Draguer n'est pas un crime, mais tout comme dans la vie réelle, tu peux juste lui dire "Merci, je ne suis pas intéressée", et si il insiste alors tu le bloques.

    Je te conseille de filtrer les informations que tu souhaites garder privées exclusivement pour tes vrais amis (ceux que tu connais en chair et en os), et les cacher aux contacts que tu as "rencontrés" sur FB.

    De plus, il y a beaucoup de gens qui mentent (leur âge, leur photos,etc).

    Et ne donne pas ton numéro de téléphone, et n'accepte jamais un rendez-vous réel (en face à face).

    Le mieux, par prudence, serait probablement de chatter un peu sur Messenger, comme ça tu peux vérifier si la photo est vraie (webcam), et vous pourrez discuter avec le micro (sans donner ton numéro).

    Fais attention, AFR-CAM, Internet c'est super mais aussi ca peût être très dangereux.

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  • 10 years ago

    Oh man, practically the same thing happened to me. It's probably not as bad for me (he didn't ask for my number) but he added me and I accepted because we went to the same school but he was a grade younger. Then out of the blue he starts "liking" all my facebook statuses and pictures, then we talked a little bit and then he just requested to be married on facebook. I was like WTF??? I just try to ignore him as much as possible and I ignored his marriage request. I would just try to stay away from him and ignore him, and if he keeps bugging you just block him on facebook. I did that once to someone too. good luck!

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  • 10 years ago

    Be careful I read a story of a woman that gave out her number on facebook and is now dead. There are tons of nuts guys out there just looking for women to do weird things to or even kill you guys. Not trying to scare you but you ladies need to look out for yourselves

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