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How can I speak more clearly and fluently?

I kinda just mumble a lot and hope people hear me and im very self concious which i think makes it harder for me to talk, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated

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  • vixen
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    10 years ago
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    Practice by reading out loud in your bedroom. When you say the words, say them slowly and clearly. Reading a newspaper would really be good because it will make you aware of current events so that you will have something to talk about. When people are talking about a topic you are not real sure of, try to be a good listener, and just nod or say you agree if it is true.

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  • 10 years ago

    You must practice enunciating your words and speak slowly so that other person can digest each words of your words. Finally think before you speak. That will keep your head clear and faster for what you're going to say.

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  • Sadie
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    10 years ago

    Listen to yourself when you talk, and make a conscious effort to pronounce things more clearly..Also, try going to a speech therapist, they will help you a lot!

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