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Applying for green card?

Okay. My husband is applying for his green card. I'm 17.

Someone told him that i have to be 18 in order for him to apply for his green card, and we have to have a certain amount of income, and i strongly believe that this isn't true.

Because being married, i have some rights as to an adult because i am married now, and i no longer depend on my parents.

Plus, after marriage, he is suppose to apply for his green card for a better chance of getting it later on in the future.

I read that as long as we have enough money to support ourselves and have jobs, then it shouldn't be a problem to apply for it. And out of everything that i have read, and from the people i've talked to, i haven't read anything that said any of this....

So can anyone clear up anything for me please, thank you??? ~ Sarah


My husband is already here, he came here to the united states on a B2 or B1 visitor visa. I am a U.S citizen though. So.. I have to be18 to have someone over 21 who is a U.S citizen to sponsor him or since i am married with my parent's consent, i can ? He currently isn't working but he will be soon. And I have a job now, but I will probably only be making up to 16 to 17, 000 a year. . . :(

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    Depends on what country you are wanting to leave. Different countries have different laws. I think it is age 21 and you do not say how old is he to the point he is making a comfortable living ?

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    Actually, it is true. You must be at least 21 and have a certain income OR you can find someone else to sponsor him, it doesn't have to be you but any US citizen over 21 with a certain amount of income.

    I hope your husband came here on a VISA at least. Otherwise say adios because they is no way they would just give a green card to someone who can't prove they entered here legally. Not trying to sound mean but that is reality.

    Source(s): I married my wife who came here legally on a Visa and that is the only reason she got her green card and it took her 10 days after the interview with immigration to get it.
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    If you have been allowed to get married with your parents' consent, then you are equal to an adult. Yes, you can petition for your husband, but you will have to meet the requirements of the affidavit of support or you will need a co-sponsor. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for your husband until he has acquired 40 units of social security (10 years non-stop working), dies, loses his status as a LPR, or becomes a US citizen. If he doesn't work, that could mean that you -- and/or the co-sponsor -- will be on the hook for possibly decades to come.

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    You have to be 18 to sign the affidavit of support for a spouse and you have to have a certain level of income. You have to prove you are able to support him. You will have to have an income of at least $18,000 a year to prove this.

    If he is here illegally,he cannot get legal status in the US even if he is married. He will have to return to his home country where his visa will be denied and he will receive a ban on returning.

    It is going to be a long and expensive process.

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    The age requirement is actually 18 (not 21 as mentioned by others). One of the major forms you have to sign as part of the petition is the Affidavit of Support, and you have to be 18 to sign it. You also have to be making at least around $19000/yr to be eligible to sponsor him. If you don't make enough money then you need someone to co-sponsor.

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    You have to be over 21 and earn more than 125% of the national poverty rate.

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    Get a piece of green paper cut it into driver license size

    put your name on it and TODAAAA you got your green card

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