How to correctly play chords on piano?

Okay I am a beginner at piano and I am trying to learn some songs where you have to play chords, some of the keys are difficult for my fingers to reach because my fingers cant stretch that far. When I try to play it my fingers wind up hurting me and I am not sure if I am playing it wrong or not. My fingers are at the ends of the keys and they are curved like how they are suppose to be.

So can someone please tell me how to play chords, mainly large chords on the piano without me having to stretch my fingers so far that they hurt.

Oh and I am not getting piano lessons so I have no teacher to go to. I am teaching myself how to play the piano (though its not going so well) because my mother doesnt want to pay for lessons.

Thank you for your help.

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  • 9 years ago
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    playing anything on the piano involves using the right fingerings (the numbers above and below the notes) . if you're not using the right fingerings, your hands might stretch too far and start to hurt. also, practice gets your fingers and hands used to hitting the keys and playing chords/scales/songs. i recommend getting a beginner's scale and song book, so that you know where to put your fingers, what the symbols mean, and about the rhythm with eighth notes, quarter notes, etc. my first piano music books were "Piano Course Pre A -The Green Book" and "Course Pre A - The Red Book" both by John W. Schaum. There was a "scale" book by Edna-Mae burnam called "A Dozen A Day" if you want to warm up using the simple songs in the book, but I recommend the "green and red book" more. however, you should really get a teacher or tutor, or at least a friend that can help you, but these music books really help. i have a teacher, but these books teach you how to play on your own.

    i hope that this helped :)

  • 9 years ago

    You cant successfully play until your pinkie and thumb can reach a full octave.

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