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ODLH rose Pacquiao and Mayweather's PPV sells?

Floyd's highest numbers before he fought ODLH were

1.Judah at 350,000

2.Gatti at 340,000

3.Baldomir at 320,000.

Pacquiao's highest before he and ODLH fought were

1.Marquez 2 at 400,000

2. Morales 2 at 360,000

3. Morales 1 & 3 at 350,000

4. Barrera 2 at 350,000

5.Daiz at 250,000

6.Solis at 200,000

7.Larios at 200,000

after Floyd fought ODLH his numbers were

1.ODLH 2.5 million

2.Mosley 1.4 million

3.Marquez 1 million

4.Hatton 940,000

Manny's after he fought ODLH were

1. ODLH 1.25 million

2. Cotto 1.25 million

3. Hatton 850,000

4. Clottey 700,000

It does show one thing both guys PPV sells went up after fights with the golden boy and that Oscar was the biggest cash cow in boxing history with a combined 13.5 million PPVs


@Dude-chain, yeah that is HBO PPV numbers not sky netwrok. I'm not to sure what the British numbers were!

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    So people were more willing to buy a Floyd Mayweather fight after that broing fight with Oscar, yet Pacquaios fight with Oscar was far more Entertaining but Pac gets less PPV numbers.

    And do you know why? One word CHARISMA. Pacquiao should try it sometime.

    edit: BTW i think Hatton figures are wrong just about every person in the UK ordered that fight, maybe its US numbers only.

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    yeah but why does this matter right now though?

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