What are some interesting science fair projects for an 11th grader in behavioral and social sciences?

I'm trying to figure out a science fair project...I don't need to know for awhile, but I should probably get started. I've already figured out m category of interest-behavioral and social. I was think something with testing color blind people and people who aren't color blind and seeing how colors helped them study. Or showing a movie to a class in black and white and one in color to another class and see if they can remember better with color of non color. But it can't be anything too easy since I'm in 11th grade, but those are two ideas that I've came up with that were interesting.

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  • 9 years ago
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    WWW Sources

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  • Jody
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    9 years ago

    Have a pet? Rats, mice, dogs, and some birds are very easy to train. Cats are not.

    You have time, so get a pet and train it. Using treats to reward animals is a good motivator, talk a bit about Pavlov's dogs. Make a chart of what he did. He might have been the first scientific animal trainer, and now Policemen use dogs and the Navy has always used dolphins...it's a good topic;.

    Instead of showing a movie, you could use home videos, and the pet will really get kids involved and they'll love a live demonstration, kids love animals anyway..

    You can pick up a pet training manual for about .99 cents at WalMart in the pet section. Borrow grandma's pet if you don't have one.

    Don't tell anyone or they'll all be doing it.

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