where do squirrels go in the winter?

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    As a Wildlife Biologist, I feel the need to answer this question with more clarity. Tree squirrels (Gray, Red, Fox, etc, etc, etc) DO NOT undergo TRUE hibernation, only a partial state of hibernation more similar to torpor, than true hibernation. As with Black Bears (also frequently mistaken for a true hibernator), their core body temperatures do not drop low enough, and their metabolism does not slow down enough to be considered a TRUE hibernator. In the winter, tree squirrels will become much less active, and remain in their nests in order to conserve body heat and regulate food caches. Ground Squirrels, on the other hand, may undergo a complete state of hibernation. Here in Pennsylvania, the only mammals that are considered TRUE hibernators are the groundhog, non-migratory bats, and our two species of jumping mice (meadow and woodland).

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    Squirrels In Winter

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    Squirrels either build nests in the trees in the woods or in trees in people's yards and stay year round. They have an abundance of food stored either in the ground, trees or just take from bird feeders. It is possible that the fox squirrels migrate as they are seldom seen until early spring. However, the cat squirrels are around all through the year. It is not unusual to see cat squirrels hunting for buried nuts in your yard.

    Source(s): Missouri Conservationist Magazine and general knowledge.
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    where do squirrels go in the winter?

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    "Little black dude" is going to ruin your wiring and possibly burn your house down. Best evitct "Little black dude".

    They stay around here all year long because it isn't cold enough to stay in their nests. Cat squirrels, or gray squirrels stay mostly in hardwood forrests and in nests that are normally high up in gum or poplar trees. Fox squirrels mostly stay in pine wood areas or in evergreen forrests. Both feed on pine cones and pecans. Cat squirrels like acorns and hickory nuts also but will eat anything in the grains they can get. Fox squirrels like to hang around peanut fields and are often seen digging their stashed peanuts in the fall and winter.

    All of them seem to birth during the coldest months. Cat squirrels build a cover on their nexts when nursing but don't neccessarily stay in it with the young. Their young are born without hair and eyes closed.

    FLYING squirrels are about the same except they are fully grown when they are the size of a large hamster. In the wild, never attempt to pick a squirrel up because it has razor sharp teeth and will bite to defend itself, They are often covered with fleas, ticks and mites that carry disease like mice and rats do.

    And as mentioned, cat squirrels and ground squirrels (chipmonks) will den in your attic or even in the engine compartment of your car during the winter. They use your insulation to build nests and will strip the wiring, causing a fire hazard.I have even seen ground squirrels build a nest in the air breather of a car and render it undrivable. It had to be towed in and repaired.

    Source(s): Live in the south and have watched them all my life. Also was taught how to find them when I was a kid hunting with my grandpa.
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    Don t know what kind of squirrel is here in Warrenville SC but in from March thru May they were all over. I wanted to get a BB gun and shoot them. Then for some reason, they are gone; did not see any June July Aug. I m glad they re gone but where did they go?

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    Most squirrels in temperate regions hibernate during the winter because food sources are scarce. Tropical squirrels do not hibernate.

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    They are ALL here in my Ohio backyard (because we feed them) and thus driving my cats into a frenzy at the window all winter long.....chuckle.

    I really wish they would hibernate!! We also have groundhogs and raccoons from spring thru mid-December depending on the temperatures and THEY thankfully then go to sleep till spring.


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    Most squirrels hibernate in either hollowed out holes in trees or in borrows in the ground.Usually up high in the tree or deep in the earth.

    Source(s): Animal biographys.
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    They stay in their nests in the trees with a stash of acorns, only coming out when it is fairly warm.

    Source(s): I watch them from my sunroom windows all winter long.
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