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Which type can do more damge the RWS Model 850 AirMagnum .22 or the .177? The 22 is 650fps and the 177 is 750f?


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    Both have the same muzzle energy, about 12 joules. The 7.0 grain RWS Hobby pellet @ 760 fps (230 meters per second) = 12 joules. On this side of the pond we would say "about 8.75 ft/lbs"

    Being a European gun, this makes sense.

    For some reason, they state 655 fps in 22. 655 fps is 200 meters per second (these guns are metric). A light 22 pellet such as the RWS Hobby is 11.9 grain. If indeed it was delivering 655 fps with an RWS Hobby, which I seriously doubt, you'd have a rifle with over 15 joules power. In reality it is either a lighter pellet I can't think of, or a typo. I suspect it could throw the Hobby about 575 fps, which would be 12 joules as well. They have a 9.9 grain "hyper velocity" non lead pellet, that would also make it closer to 12 joules. There is an error is the specs.

    Basically, both guns have the same power. Because of the somewhat low velocity even in the .177 cal, I'd choose that over a 22 because the arc of trajectory would be ridiculously steep. Could you imagine holding the aim point 1' over the target at 30'? I couldn't. You want the 177 caliber. You want to use light pellets like the RWS Hobby in it too. It is a neat CO2 rifle anyhow.

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    The Hammerli(RWS) 850 AirMagnum is a bit of an odd bird. It doesn't seem to want to follow the generally accepted "rules"*

    *For its power level(9.7ft-lbs) it seems to prefer relatively heavy .177 caliber pellets(10.2gr, etc) >Normally rifles in that power range are going to prefer 7gr pellets

    *The 850 is very accurate even at 50 yards, its capable of 5 shot 1in to 1.5in groups. Some, very releable sources claim less than 1in 5 shot groups at 50 yards. >Normally you would expect that type performance at 25 yards, not 50

    Trajectory will be a bit of a problem, but with lots of practice, the 850 could make a nice small game air rifle.

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    The heavier projectile traveling at a slightly slower speed will (usually) deliver more ft. lbs. of energy on the target, while making a bigger hole, will have more stopping power than the lighter, smaller, faster projectile.

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