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What are some good graduation songs?

Okay so im a senior this year:) were trying to figure out a awesome senior song. One that will make previous classes say hey why didnt i think of that. We has an idea of friends forever by vitamin c. But as everyone knew our idea last years senior class took it. So im looking for some good songs that will make us cry but be happy at the same time. help?:)

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    the graduation song- dave matthews band

    today-smashing pumpkins

    end of the road- boys II men

    time of your life- green day

    this is a time to remeber- billy joel

    100 years- five for fighting

    do i make you proud- taylor hicks

    True Colors -cyndi lauper

    what a wonderful world- luis armstrong

    ready -cherie

    leaving home aint so easy-queen

    high school never ends -bowling for soup

    i will remember you- ryan cabrera

    dont stop believing- glee

    theres a lot more out there just look em up on google and type in graduation songs, that might help. im kinda a music freak and know a lot of songs. these are just a few of the top of my head. and i so get what your saying about picking a senior song. im a sophmore and were already thinking about it! lol good luck finding a song! :)

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    "The Future's so Bright I Gotta Wear Shades" via Timbuk three (80s new wave one hit marvel) got here off the highest of my head, lol. BTW I love "Goodbye to Romance". Ozzy is a best singer and he is rather various (I like his heavier songs, however I want extra persons knew that is no longer all he does), it nearly seems like a heavier Beatles ballad. My favourite track on Blizard of Ozz is a tossup among that and "I Dont Know". Both are larger than Crazy Train imo (well however hyped up).

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