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do you really think the government will put a stop to marijuana and prostitution?

I think they are here to stay and no matter what you do especially on prostitution you won't be able to stop it so why not vote to legalize it and tax it and keep the women safe with medical checkups? I can't understand why some people are so blind to want to vote on this human rights after all is my right to smoke what ever I want and to have sex with who ever I want.

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    No, but I think that we need to keep trying. It could be stopped if all the deviants would stop utilizing the services and drugs. We as Americans have to also make an effort do have these vises removed from society. There is no telling how much of the various crimes would dissipate if we could rid society of just these two crimes that effect family, marriage, schools, children, men, and women. Not only are they morally wrong, they are also the cause of several health problems which is the direct cause of the high cost of health care.

    I know that it would not stop all criminals from using this service and drug, but if the judicial system would enforce the penalties that are already in effect and make some penalties harsher. This would stop a considerable amount of some to try and change their lifestyle and become model citizens.

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  • 10 years ago

    Legalizing prostitution would actually do more good than harm. As the women and men would gain protections not currently known. The problem would be that prostitution would tend to become Corporate in structure. Just as Stripper Clubs and Bunny Ranches are. Where the employees are generally stripped of individual liberty's.

    Marijuana would also become an industry. Which would strip your perceived ideal of it's "down home" cottage industry form. Much as alcohol has become Corporate and industrialized. The first thing legalization would bring is a tight ban on individual production. Just as "moonshine" is tightly banned.

    Besides, why would you wish to legalize one more mind altering product? Which would result in more organizations, stupid road signs and bigger rehab clinics? Mothers Against Stoned Drivers. Inhale-Drive-Go to Jail- Although a entirely smoke filled car pulled over by a policeman Ad (a-la the current beer filled car pulled over by the police Ads) would be hysterical. BUT, the policeman would also have to be honest and say "I'm suddenly STARVING and don't know why?"

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    10 years ago

    Because as much as republicants SAY they want "less government" they really mean they want "less government" only when it pertains specifically to their pocket.

    They LOVE government intervention in the bedroom and for anything non alcohol related but god forbid you mess with their martinis or shotguns.

    So no they won't stop it ever but they won't stop trying to stop it either.

    The country was based on Puritan values we have a long way to go yet before reasonableness finally takes over.

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  • 10 years ago

    I agree. Our history is full of failed attempts at banning things when proper regulation works best to mitigate the negative aspects of those activities. Just look at the failed experiment of Prohibition.

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