can anyone please translate Na nil aon fhail ar meisce, ach a bheith sasta and Effing, leathcheann tu?

i just started learning gaelic and my friend posted this on my wall

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  • 1 decade ago
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    OK this is Irish gaelic and my native language is Scottish Gaelic, but I do have O'Dónaill's dictionary and a moderate grasp of Irish... leaving out the words / and Effing/ which aren't Gaelic of any sort! it appears to say something like, if you can't get drunk, be satisfied with half a glass.

    [lethcheann means lit. half-head, som your cheek, the side of your head, butit means half a glass of spirits too]

    NB there are accents on words like fáil and sásta and they're important.

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