What should I get for my next car? A GTO 6.0 a Mustang GT or a STS V series?

I am stuck between a GTO 6.0 a Mustang GT and a STS V series. I am looking at the 2006 models of them all. The mustang has the least hp at 300 but has allot of upgrades and mods. The only thing I don't like about the GTO 6.0 is the lack of body mods, and its pretty dull stock. The STS is a awesome car but I worry about it being more expensive to upkeep. Plus it costs a little more.


All cars will be getting engine upgrade packages. The only car I might want to tamper with the exterior with is the GT. I want it to look different from every other mustang you see on the road. One of the reasons I put a GTO and the Vseries on the list was that alot of people don't know what they are capable of, and I like that.

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    GTO. Don't listen to the guy saying the mustang gt is faster than a ls2 gto. That's nonsense. The GTO will smack it around it's a 12 second 1/4 car for petes sake.

    Upgrades and mods on a n/a vehicle are over-rated. Depends what was done to the mustang. If you mean supercharger then yeah buy that...if you mean big metal spoiler then run away.

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    Tough call, just to throw in my two cents...I'm more of a luxury type guy so I'd go with the STS. I like the way it looks, it will have plenty of power and will be a much smoother ride. I don't like the inside of Mustangs, too small for my liking. The only thing about the STS is not necessarily the upkeep, I have 1 friend who has owned his for almost 3 years now and has had no issues with it, but the monthly insurance cost as I think that one will cost more per month. Hope this helps,


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    Haha, I have a similar problem..Id take the mustang honestly, the GTO is a 4 speed auto and 6 spd manual.. the mustang is 5 speed on both auto and manual. Plus the mustang is like 400 pounds lighter, faster 0-60 time almost everytime I see stock cars race..Better gas mileage on the stang aswell, and of course the mustang has a way better exterior, looks way meaner. And as for the cadillac..if you have the money to keep that cadillac insured then go for the cadillac..it gets around the same gas as a gto and its faster..like 500 pounds heavier though..im pretty sure that insurance isnt gonna be cheap for a cadillac like that..get the mustang.

    Ps. Get an 07 mustang theyre lighter than the 05-06.

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