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Who does the jazz version of Jammin' by Bob Marley?

Heard it on the radio. No idea who does it. Help?


To the first answer. No that's not it. It was more focused on the piano player.

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    There was a "Jazz Tribute to Bob Marley" - The song "Jammin'" was performed by Lee Ritenour and Gerald Albright.

    There may be other jazz versions. Here is the Track List w/artists that did each song on the Tribute album:


    01. Exodus - Michael Brecker/Lisa Fischer

    02. I Shot The Sheriff - Maxi Priest/Lee Ritenour

    03. Get Up Stand Up - Lee Ritenour/Dave Grusin

    04. No Woman No Cry - Jonathan Butler

    05. Is This Love - Will Downing/Lee Ritenour

    06. Redemption Song - Richard Bona/Michael Brecker

    ---> 07. Jamming - Gerald Albright/Lee Ritenour <-----

    08. Waiting In Vain - Lee Ritenour/Maxi Priest

    09. Turn Your Lights Down Low - Lisa Fischer

    10. So Much Trouble - Rick Braun/Phil Perry

    11. Could You Be Loved - Marc Antoine/Patti Austin

    12. Stir It Up - Phil Perry

    13. Get Up Stand Up - Jochem Van Der Saag/Digz (RnB version)

    ADD: FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's Monty Alexander, pianist on his album entitled:

    Stir It Up: Music of Bob Marley - Monty Alexander

    Here's the link to the site on Amazon:

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeee, I hope this is correct and what you are looking for!! :-D

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    Bob Marley.

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    Grover Washington,Jr - Jammin' -

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