Tough question here R&P?

MQ: If you could have the talents of any 3 musicians (living or dead) who would they be and what talents would you take from them? (Muhammed Suicmez's raw technical skill, vocals, and music writing ability mixed with Buckethead's speed, and variety of play styles and top it all off with marco minnemann's drum skills)

BQ: If you could have any Musician's instrument what instrument would it be? (either hendrix's (i love hendrix lol) strat or suicmez's signature ibanez xiphos with necrophagist inlayed in the neck)


i didnt think someone would go i wouldnt take something. its not meant to be literal. just a question that if you could combine all of your favorite things what would you chose?

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    I'm a guitarist, so I have no desire to get any bass/drum/singing skills... I would like to rip off some guitarists, though

    1. Chris Broderick's impeccable guitar technique

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    2. John 5's ability to seamlessly incorporate different styles in his songs

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    3. Jeff Loomis' sweep picking speed

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    But if I was actually interested in singing, I would want Anders Friden's old death growl

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    BQ: James Hetfield's ESP is a pretty badass looking guitar

  • 9 years ago

    Django Reinhardt's awesomeness, Buckethead's Musicality, and the Cool guitar style of Steve Vai

    that one is pretty hard

  • 9 years ago

    I would take Eddie Van Halen's speed and tap-strumming genius, Jimmy Page's writing skill, and Dave Mustaine's talent of being able to play superbly whilst singing.

    I want Neil Peart's entire drumset (even though I have nowhere to put it).

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Tony Iommi's ability to write heavy riffs, Freddie's voice, and Jack White's eccentricity and disregard for anything conventional.

    BQ: Iommi's JaydeeOldBoy. I would fornicate with that thing it's so beautiful.

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  • 9 years ago

    Nick Sadler's ability to make weird, abrasive guitar noises, Gene Simmon's tongue, and Devin Townsend's ability to use puppets.

  • 9 years ago

    I wouldn't "take" anything.

    If I could Emulate...

    Andrew Woods Vocals

    Bucketheads skill

    Kurt Cobain's Melody

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