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Cheap phone companies I can join?

For U.S. residents? What are the more cheaper ones and more expensive ones?

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  • joe r
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    prepaid cell phones have some of the best rates right now, even compared to land line phones...

    verizon and att are the more expensive cellular providers, however, verizon (as much as i hate to say it) has the best cellular network...

    if you want a house phone, it would depend on your needs..

    vonage offers $25/month for calls to over 60 countries... requires high speed internet

    magicjack is $40 for the device and first year, then $20 a year after that, but requires your PC to be on and that you have high speed internet..

    if you need a land line (for an alarm system, fax machine, or any other device that requires a dial up connection) then you need to check what the rates for the local land line carriers in your state are, as each provider is licensed on a state by state basis... you will likely have to first get service from the RBOC that serves your area (verizon, at&t, etc.) but once service is established you might be able to get a better rate by switching to a reseller company (CLEC)

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    incorrect area if your below 18 you cant have your person plan additionally maximum plans are greater suitable than 60 a month i pay ninety 5 for 750 minutes and infinite texts plus 10 a month for my 2nd line I easily have t cellular

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    What kind of phone? cell phone or land line?

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