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Where is the TPS In a Nissan Maxima 93?

Hi guys, I need to know where the Throttle Position Sensor is on a 93 Nissan Maxima SE. Thanks!

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    TPS means Tire Pressure Sensor. Each tire has a sensor in it, and sometimes your spare tire has one in it as well. If your TPS light is on it means your tire's either have too much or too little pressure. To fix this simply check your tire pressure and set it to the proper amount, usually 35 psi.

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  • tps is throttle position sensor.

    tpms is tire pressure monitoring system.

    you are looking for the sensor, it will be found really close to the end of the throttle cable, on the end of the shaft that moves the throttle plate. if you follow the hose form the air filter housing, where it ends on the engine, you are almost there.

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    Throttle Posistion Sensor and closed throttle switch is located on the throttle chamber on the other side from the throttle cable. That switch must be adjusted correctly when the motor is fully warmed up

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