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Dessert ideas for 10 adults?

My mother is having an informal meeting tomorrow with 10 of the managers who work in her restaurants (Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Spirits, aka the "Reeeeeeed Robin: Yummm!" company) and I have been commissioned to provide the desserts. I was thinking cupcakes that look like burgers, but I just made a giant burger cake for their company picnic a few weeks ago. Should I go more traditional with a some personal fruit tarts or something? Any thoughts?

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    Some ideas for delicious desserts:

    Chocolate cake

    Russian pancakes with whipped cream

    Ice cream with warm chocolate sauce

    Chocolate pudding

    Chocolate mousse


    Apple pie

    Strawberry pie

    Mixed berry pie

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    I would go with the fruit tarts.

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    Check out this link for ideas


    Hope that helps

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