Immigration concerns and economy...?

Immigration is a major concern in today's economy. What are the possible problems and solutions for these concerns? What could happen to the U.S. labor markets i immigration is not controlled? Plz help but offer websites as well..

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    Immigration is a movement of factor of production or labor across the border. It could be legal or illegal.But economically, the movement in NAFTA is a must to improve trade creation. NAFTA has also to stimulate immigration of factors if it wants to achieve the economic union like the EU in Europe. Immigration can help to improve the economy which lacks of labors in some sectors, such as farming, textile, health sector etc. Gastarbeiter in Germany which transfered labors from Turkey after the second world war to a production in the booming auto industry is an example. But it needs to be organized strictly. The immigration can turn to be problems in the host country, including integration and crime . France has expelled most of Romanian labors recently is a shock for all. The US is also a host country. It is suffering from unorganized immigration, while the country is open for talent, skilled, and ready to take risk foreign nationals.

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    1. It is ILLEGAL and they are not above the law. Therefore, they should abide it and come to the country the legal way

    2. It is expensive dealing with them


    1. Control the borders - north and south, not just the one by mexico. There are between 12-20 million illegal immigrants in America. It will be impossible to find them all (not all of them are hispanic, many are asians and foreign caucasians) so we just have to PREVENT

    2. Make consequences. If you cross our borders illegally, you will be punished. Right now, government is too easy on them.

    If the borders are not controlled...

    Bad people could come into the country. Terrorists, drug dealers, kidnappers, killers, etc. But I am not saying they are Mexican. Terrorists or people with bad intentions could come to Mexico and get in our country through them without having to worry about going thorugh airports and highly populated areas.

    It will keep costing us lots of money. Some illegal immigrants actually do pay taxes when they purchase items at stores, but they do not pay income taxes and certain other taxes. Also, when they bring children into the country, get injured, go to jail, etc, taxpayers end up paying for it.

    Other reasons...

    The money they do earn in America is not benefiting our economy entirely. Once they make a certain amount of money, enough to support their family for a while or whatever, they take the money right back to Mexico and spend it there.

    It is less expensive for businesses. They accept lower wages than average and businesses dont provide them with health care and other benefits. But this can be a problem when Americans need those jobs - they have to compete with them.

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    Immigration adds supply to the labor market. An increased supply of anything decreases the price (wages, in this case).

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