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Is this Tinnitus Permanent?

So i wen't to the rockstar fesival and, all was well until this one airbourne band came on. They were really loud and high toned. So after a hour of them playing we heard a7x and disturbed. On the way out to the car i noticed my ears felt clogged and i couldnt hear. I just though it would last 20 min or so. But it's been 2 days and it's not gotten much better. I though it was gone but it came back again, i noticed its rlly bad when i wake up. I wanted to know if it was perm or what? im only 14. And life would hell with this.

My symptoms.

- Clogged ear sensation

- Ringing Noise

- Everything is a higher pitch now. I didn't even reconize the phone ring because it snded so much different.

- ear ache

- Some sounds make this really high pitch noise when heard

- I hear random noises....

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    I would see an audiologist. It would be unusual for you to suddenly get all of those symptoms after just one concert. I would be concerned something else might be going on.

    If it is tinnitus, however, then the answer it yes, it's permanent. Protect your hearing from here on out. Wear earplugs at concerts.

    Source(s): Living with tinnitus for most of my life, due to playing in rock bands.
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    Source(s): BREAKTHROUGH in Tinnitus Research
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    Tinnintis, in most cases is not ppermanent It literally means inflammation of the tympanic membrane, which can repair itself. Good luck if it gets worse see a doc you may need to have your ears cleaned out.

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