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Do you think is is karma for Michael Jackson's enemies? MARTIN BASHIR has brain cancer?

KATT WILLIAMS bashed and talked about him horribly but now he's gone mentally insane. Plus he got arrested for burglary.

MARTIN BASHIR is the man responsible for destroying MJ's image, now he has brain cancer.

EVAN CHANDLER framed Michael by making his son lie, saying MJ touched him but now he's dead.

HIS HATERS are left with the fact that he'll be talked about forever and will be remembered years after they are non-existant. They are pissed.

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    I believe in Karma or what goes around comes around.

    I didn't know Katt Williams went crazy. I stopped keeping up with him back when he started talking about MJ.

    Next is Conrad Murray, Tom Sneddon, Diane Dimond, Jason Pfieffer, Tommy Mottola, Arvizos

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    I believe in Karma and what goes around truly does come back around, but i wouldn't necessarily call it 'karma' that Martin Bashir has brain cancer.. I would never wish Cancer on anyone. However i do believe that Evan Chandler killed himself out of guilt, and as for Katt Williams... He's always been a mess lol.

    @вα∂ мιcнαєℓα αη∂ мιcнαєℓ-αℓωαуѕ: Wow. How is it awesome that someone has cancer?

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    thank you for posting this! Bashir's plan in my opinon replaced into to make Michael look undesirable. Michael felt betrayed via him after watching the interview, because of the fact he felt that he used all the undesirable fabric and not something stable ( Which, relatively does look authentic to me.) He stored attacking Michael's own existence, or perhaps had him in tears at some circumstances! Michael could in no way positioned his babies in danger, he loves all of them too lots. inspite of the balcony incident, he pronounced he had this kind of competent grip on Blanket. Michael replaced into so worrying to each thing and everybody, and all Bashir did replaced into attempt to make him appear like a terrible person to the international. To MJ followers, and many persons Bashir is the dumbest reporter ever. relax in Peace MJ, you're extraordinarily overlooked!

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    No, maybe it's genetic and it was bound to happen at some point. You're just as bad as the haters suggesting this is karma for the haters.

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    I just checked to see if it were true. He does:

    I guess, what goes around comes around. I wouldn't wish that on anybody though, and Michael wouldn't either. Michael probably would have been kind enough to help him find medicine.

    Source(s): God is watching. He knows the truth. He does not like ugliness.
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    No one has the right to judge karma.

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    Just Like I Always Say: "Karma Is A B^tch"

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    oh god no! we (the ones who love him) are the only ones who are paying for his death. i think by their fame being taken away was enough.

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    OMG!Really??Martin Bashir has brain cancer?!Payback time!!

    Evan Chandler dead!May he R.I.H(rot in hell)

    Karma is for everyone and so for his haters.

    @MJ gone but never forgotten:everyone knows wat martin did to MJ.Mayb ya'll can forgive all those who destroyed him but i can't.Martin must pay for wat he did.

    wow!I never expected a thumbs-up.

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    Watch out for karma, especially when you say "screw jesus"

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