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Can someone give me workout tips?

I'm 21 I weigh around 145, I'm very skinny and not too muscular, and I just started a routine of working out and running, I work out one day and run the next day and so on and so forth, i Know nothing about working out tho. Should I life less weight and more reps or more reps of less weight? Also if i want to get a 6-pack should i use the machine to work my abs or do sit ups on an incline?

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    i;ll give you some tips , if you want to get muscular and have big muscles then workout 3 sets each exercise and start out by lifting low weights and more reps then go heavier weights and less reps. an example 15, 12, 8. eat foods with protein like fish, nuts, meat without fat. chicken chest, eggs. for six pack now if you have fat then you must remove it. start by running everyday for 30 min. eat less calories than your calorie intake. eat healthy. cut out junk foods. sweets, fast foods, chocolates, chips, sodas, candies. cookies and eat healthy cause abs you won't get only by doing cardio and workout. and for abs exercises it doesn't matter how you workout your abs. just workout in any way you like search on youtube for some exercises to learn more. the process of being muscular and getting abs it takes long time to see results. don't give up. and be patient.

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