Is the current Queen of England related to Henry the 8th (and the other famous royalties)?

I'm just thinking. He was once the King so is our current Queen related to him? Or is their anyone famous who she was related to?


To "The Dark Side", yes, I know she is the Queen of the UK, not just England. I'm not stupid, I live in Wales so it's kinda obvious to me. Oh and the way you said "It annoys the rest of the UK if you leave them out", no it does not.

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    The last Queen of England was Elizabeth I, who incidentally was Henry VIII's daughter. The current Queen of the United Kingdom (as other posters have noted) is a descendant of Henry VIII's sister, Margaret Tudor, who married James IV of Scotland. Her son, James V, was the father of Mary Queen of Scots, who was the mother of James VI of Scotland and I of England. With James' succession to the throne in 1603, the kingdoms of England and Scotland as well as the principality of Wales were united in the personal union of the sovereign of the United Kingdom. Calling Elizabeth II "Queen of England" or calling the United Kingdom "England" upsets the Scots, but it's also a mistake that a lot of otherwise educated people make perhaps because the majority of the population in the United Kingdom lives in England Making such a slip is a little like calling everyone who lives in the United States a "Yankee" or a "Yank" (as many Brits do), which also irritates more than a few people south of the Mason-Dixon line.

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    King Of England Current

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    There is no current Queen of England. There hasn't been one for over 300 years.

    King James VI of Scotland inherited the English throne in 1603 because Elizabeth I had no direct English heir. This created a single kingdom covering the entire island of Great Britain (Scotland, England and Wales). A century later the two countries united politically, creating a single new country called the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

    Since there have only been British kings and queens, not Scottish or English ones. There simply is no such title or position as "Queen of England" any more.

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    Current Queen

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    She is the Queen of the United Kingdom, not just of England (which is not an independent country with its own queen anywaay). It annoys the rest of the UK if you leave them out.

    She is related to every British or English monarch for the past thousand years, simply because the monarchy is hereditary. In most cases she is descended from them. She isn't descended from Henry VIII - she's descended from his aunt Margaret Tudor, who married the King of Scotland... which is why the English and Scottish monarchies merged in 1603. None of Henry VIII's children had any children so the line died out and the King of Scotland became King of England as well (they were independent countries then) simply because he was the nearest relative. The countries themselves merged to become the United Kingdom in 1707.

    Because of the way royalty used to marry other countries' royalty for political reasons of forming alliances, and in particular in this case because Queen Victoria had nine children and they married all over Europe, all the current European royal families are related. If you plot out everyone who is in line of succession to the British throne, every king and queen in Europe is on the list - the highest is the King of Norway, because Edward VII's daughter Maud married a previous King of Norway.

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    Not directly, no, although the Queen is a direct descendant of Henry VIII's sister, who married into Scottish royalty.

    Henry VIII had three children, but no grandchildren. As such, there are zero direct descendants of him today.

    Elizabeth II IS a direct descendant of many other English and British monarchs, including William the Conqueror, King John, Edward I (of Braveheart fame) and Queen Victoria.

    Famous monarchs she is NOT directly related to include Richard the Lion-Heart, "Bloody" Mary, and Elizabeth I, because in all cases they had no children.

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    Queen Elizabeth II is descended from Henry 7th through the older sister of Henry 8th.

    Henry the 8th is a great great ... ? .... grand uncle.

    Elizabeth II had not descended from Charles I, Charles II, James II, and his two daughter Mary II, and Queen Anne. She is descended from all other British monarchs who left descendants (many left no descendants). Prince William will be descended from the missing group via his mother, Princess Diana.

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    Hope. "Good" King Henry did not live any grandchidlren, despite his "decent" efforts to have many descendants...

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    Yes, that's why Harry is ginger.

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    NO. BUT you might be interested to know princess diana was

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