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How do you say "Exchange Student" in Japanese?

"Exchange Student"

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    "Exchange Student" in Japanese is

    交換留学生 "koukanryuugakusei"

    交換 ”koukan" means exchange

    留学生 "ryuugakusei" means the students who study in somewhere outside of their own country.

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    How do you say "Exchange Student" in Japanese?

    "Exchange Student"

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    A Ryuugakusei is an exchange student. In hiragana it looks like this: りゅうがくせい And in kanji it is these characters. 留学生


  • Brenda
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    TO is and. KA is or in this example. 青か緑が好きですか

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    "ah herro, you musta be an exchanga studant"

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