Who do you think is best between the two R&B artists/groups?

Old R&B Battle: Who do you think best?

1. Al B Sure or Christopher Williams

2. Jodeci or Boyz II Men

3. Anita Baker or Whitney Houston

4. Blackstreet or Silk

5. Aaron Hall or R Kelly

6. Ralph Tresvant or Bobbi Brown

7. Regina King or Stephanie Mills

8. SWV or Xscape

9. Faith Evans or Monifah

10. Shanice or Stephanie Cox

11. Color Me Bad or Jon B

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    10 years ago
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    Wow,you are good with the music,pretty young lady.

    I didn't really listen to some of the people you mentioned on there,therefore I'm just going to pick the ones i'm familiar with,ok?I'm picking the followings:

    R.Kelly because he sounds good live and he's a good song writer too.

    Whitney Houston just because she got more hits and a stronger voice,but I think Anita Baker is a better singer.

    Boys II men are the men,I gave them more respect when they did the sorry song with Mariah Carry,they can really sing.

    Bobbi Brown is a better performer and singer than candy butt too soft Ralph Tresvant.

    Regina King can sing her butt off

    Shanice can really sing,i was performing in a club in pasadena and met Shanice,she also has a nice personality.

    SWW sing better than Xscape,but I like Xscape performance and kinky ways ,like spanking the dude on a record.They are the ones who did that song,right?

    My last pick is Faith Evans.

    Those i didn't mention were not good artists anyway.

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