Where do White Mexicans live in Mexico? and in and Colombia?

my question is where do White Mexicans and White Colombians Live at Mostly in what kind of regions in Mexico and from Colombia? just wondering thank you

you can tell me by details that would be good aswell

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    That can be a tricky question because Latin America does not have the same definitions for white black as America/Canada has. This has to do with a lot of reasons. Colonization is one of them. Spain was at first colonized by White conqistadores that mated/raped the natives and tried to integrate native indians by "whitening" the population by a process called "mestizaje" In the US it was mostly families who did not mix with the natives. The other reason is that the white people came from Europe but unlike England Spain was pretty mixed too. The were heavily mixed by the moors since Morocco is right across, specially the south. Which is why some Spanish people tend to be darker than their English counterparts.

    The other reason is that Latin America, with the exception of Cuba, did not have Legalized segregation. This is very important because people fot the most part do not see their race as their main identifying trait (like in the US.) It is region. In the US because of segregation a white person and a black person from the same city might be totally different in accent, music, food etc. In Latin America that is not the case. Most people regardless of race identify themeselves with the region, since people from that region have the same accents, eat the same type of food music etc regardless of race.

    So because of all of this is more difficult to tell who is white, black or mixed. In Colombia for example the "whitest" people can maybe be found in Bogota or Medellin because those are cities more heavily influenced by Spanish and many were families and some well to do who did not mix. In addition the black slaves were mostly brought to the Atlantic and Pacific Coast. But that doesn't mean they did not mix with the indigenous people and migration from the country to the cities as well as people migrating due to violent events in both Mexico and Colombia has changed the racial landscape. Hope it helped

    Source(s): Colombian American sociologist
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    Northern Mexico

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    Northern Mexico, Sinaloa, Durango, Sonora.......

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  • 5 years ago

    They live everywhere in Mexico.

  • 9 years ago

    Anywhere ??

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