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my mom is tearing the family apart.?

well i gotta say my mom is very selfish, unorganized,unreasonable, show off, gossiper, etc.

she's very mean too. i love her, but because of what she's doing she's making me start to hate her.many people say: oh, this is between your parents not you or anyone else." yes, i totally agree, i to that, but no matter how much i stay away, my mom follows me all the way to my room and tries to get me involved! she talks bad about everyone, she twists many stories, and blames everything on my dad. she tells me that my dad has no idea how to budget and yet we've been able to get food on the table, have roofs over our head, get clothes and even by my school supplies and her stupid jewelry! she says all these crap about my dad, but that is not true at all! he's not selfish, he always puts family before himself and knows many things, he was in the military for 37 years and he was the vice pres. of a company, he retired 7 years ago, because he became disabled with a disease that's affecting his whole body. we finally got his retirement money 2 weeks ago, and so my mom started acting nice for a while, but then bought all kind of crap: clothes etc. and one afternoon,a jewelry person came by our house, it was for mom, she started picking all these jewelry etc.. the total was 30,000 dollars, my dad said: honey, i can't afford this" and my mom looked at him like he was crazy and said you don't want to share any of you money huh? so now, my dad has pay monthly for her stupid jewelry. my dad loves her very much, and after my dad bought her the jewelry she was like i needed to buy these before i go to work so i can show my friends.after she got wat she wanted she was back to being a meanie, she told my dad: i'm glad i tricked you into buying me these jewelry! she also was like: i hope my friends gets laid of from her job so she'd envy me.and again just now, she was coming up and down to my room telling me all these crap lies about my dad and then shows me a pic of her dead ex husband saying: he's so handsome" i was like i dnt know him never met him. and she smacked me with that pic. and said i wished i didn't give birth to you. she's done soo many crap but this is already tooooo long. i dnt know wat to do anymore, i cant leave i'm underage, we cant kick her out, where is she gonna go? i'm really getting sick of this crap, i dont if i can endure it any longer, i might just lose control and punch her. i really think she has a pschological problem but she doesn't want to admit it! she dsnt want to go to the doctor.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I understand your pain. It is hard darling. She does have a physiological problem. Tell her what you just told us, and do something nice for her to reestablish and to re-strengthen your bond together. I wish you a great and successful year after you move out of the house.

    PLEASE: Always be nice to your dad and mother. Hug you father, cook him breakfast, just show that you love him. We may all be gone one morning, so show your affection towards both of them or else you will regret it in the future.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1st of all, maybe you think since they are parents they have a right to talk like that as parents. Turns out many parents are abusers. Actually they are not trying to be tough to make you responsible- they are tricking you.

    Hurting people hurt others. It's not you.. They are the ones who have a problem. People/parents do mean things or lie to control. They just want the reaction so they can get high feel good from it. You have to look at the agenda. Abuse is anything and words that are not uplifting. So forget what truth is being used right then. Remember -THEY actually get high on being mean, and thats why they do it, they are wrong about everything. The abuser is close-minded and self-righteous.

    So the parent becomes abusive and the abuse makes children sick with so called mental Illnesses- painful but not a disease - includes all OCD, BP ETC.

    Psychiatrists commit fraud in that there is zero science in what they do. They do not draw blood to test for imbalances. For chemical imbalances no test exists. There is no conception of what a correct chemical balance would look like to date. People in the FDA agree. I have links for this.

    Remember, after abuse sickness can be a spiritual problem - Jesus name is needed to banish what is there.

    God wants you to know truth, forgive, and get away from them. You sure feel better after reading the links.

    Google- "Inside the Mind of an Abuser" -See how it works and be free...Google "self righteous"

    I have many links and will talk with anyone contact me for help. Refusing to talk at all hurts abusers the most.

    Source--Seeing people healed on a regular basis in a ministry- click my name to talk.

  • 1 decade ago

    Your mother sounds exactly like mine especially the whole she twists my words part. Mine put me through verbal and emotional abuse throughout my life. She's the reason why my family is dysfunctional. The thing you have to do is not talk back but kind of ignore her a bit. She seems to find a way to get what she wants so by going mute will make her realize what she's doing wrong. If she tells you to do something, do it but don't try to have a conversation with her. I'm not saying do this for the rest of your life but test it out. I did this with my mom for awhile and every time she gave me crap, I didn't say a word to her. After awhile. she started acting different around me 'cause she was able to finally see and hear how ridiculous she was acting.

  • ziggy
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    she does have a psychological problem. Every single time she lies, just tell her, "thats not true, the truth is"....and say it louder than her and keep repeating it till she backs down. Eventually, hopefully, she'll lose interest in coming after you with all her little stories. I certainly feel for you and your dad. Yikes. She's a sick woman.

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  • ^_^
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    talk to your dad about what yoiu think of this situation you are part of their family they can't tell you not to get involved because you are not a stranger your their child and im sure are suffering because of the things your mom is doing. tell your dad how you feel and what you think of this situation.

    good luck!

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