England history and culture?

im doing a project for school and i need to research 5 important events in England's history. i used the Black Death/Plague and Henry II invading ireland already.

also if you can name 3 famous people, some ethic foods England is known for and some unique holidays that would be awesome. even answering parts of this question will help me. thank you in advance =)

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    Previous answers are good.... here's a couple more suggestions for you.

    Roman Occupation..... not by Julius Caesar who came, saw and then went home in about 50BC, but Claudius in about 40AD who came, saw and took over. They never managed to take Scotland though so the Emperor Hadrian built a bloody great wall between England and Scotland. There are some (on both sides of the border) who say it was the best idea anyone ever had. A huge number of English towns have Roman names (anywhere ending in ...chester/cester such as Colchester or Worcester for starters). Famous People: Roman Emperors Claudius/Hadrian, Queen Boadicea of the Iceni tribe.

    Settlement by the Anglo Saxons - because of course it didn't even become England until the Angles arrived (Angle-land...get it ?).... The Romans left, and the Anglo-Saxons moved in. Anglo-Saxon generally means anyone of a number of tribes that came over from Germany including the Angles, the Saxons, the Jutes and the Frisians. The Saxon Kings ruled England for about 500 years until 1066 when the Normans turned up (see Battle of Hasting already mentioned). Be warned this period of history can all get very 'Lord of the Rings' and myth and truth and often hard to separate. Famous People: King Alfred the Great

    Signing of Magna Carta early 1200's (Great Document).... we decided to force a document on the King (people power and all that) defining our rights including things like not being imprisoned without trial by our peers. A lot of things we all take for granted today were first written down in this document. Famous person: King John (yes the Robin Hood guy)

    English civil war late 1600s.... we executed the King, became a republic for a bit, then decided we didn't like it and went back to being a Monarchy (The restoration). Famous people: Oliver Cromwell & King Charles I.

    The Industrial Revolution late 1700s....where we all moved off the farms and went to work in factories turning England into an industrial rather than agricultural nation. Famous person: Thomas Newcomen whose steam engines provided the power to the factories.

    As for foods:

    Well 'Roast Beef' obviously (we are called Rosbifs by the French after all), also 'Sausages and Mash', Black pudding (boiled pigs blood and one of my favourites), afternoon tea, Christmas pudding, Cheddar Cheese of course (Cheddar being in England after all), Kippers, Spotted dick (yes really look it up) and to slightly correct previous answer "Steak and Kidney pie" and "Shepherds pie".

    Probably the most famous Old English holiday is "May Day", (nothing to do with modern political May day)... much feasting and twirling of ribbons round poles... the other I'd say is "Guy Fawkes" or "5th of November"... We celebrate foiling an attempt to blow up the houses of parliament by burning effigies of old Guy and letting off fireworks. Other Old English holidays such as 'All Hallows Eve' are probably now more popular elsewhere under slightly changed guises (Halloween)

    Good luck.... any of those foods/events should be easily found via Google.... or you could go mad and make for the reference section of the library !!

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    Famous People:

    Queen Victoria (After all the entire Victorian Era was named after her)

    Winston Churchill

    Margaret Thatcher


    Fish and Chips

    Kidney Pie

    Shepard's Pie

    Yorkshire Pudding

    Added in Edit


    Split from the Catholic Church (Henry VIII)

    Bombing of London (WW 2)

    American Revolution (Blast those pesky colonists)

    The First World War

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    The Battle of Hastings was VERY important.


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