Who comes up with a price manual for getting new brakes put on your vehicle?

Seriously, if this not price gouging than what is? Front and back brakes total: $42. Took less than an hour to put all of them on. I called three different garages for the same work on my vehicle and told them I wanted the same type of brakes. The prices varied from $280 - $450. What a joke. With all new rotors and brakes garage wanted $900. The parts cost me $175. Done in less than two hours and that because could not get a rotor off. I drive a Honda CRV and I know all vehicles are not the same. I just do not understand how this can go on. I am very glad I can do this work by myself and I can help others in this service.

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    alldata or mitchell on demand. when you go to a steak house with a date and you pay 120 dollars for 2 steaks do you think the same thing, you can buy them yourself for 15 dollars. guess the steak place is a rip off too. its called making a profit aka staying in business. ever heard of payroll, shop equipment, shop rent, tool costs, shop insurance, computer equipment, advertising, etc i suppose you think all that just comes with the shop for free. unreal

  • Len
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    You know what? I don't believe you.

    You cannot lift or jack up all four wheels then remove the wheels then remove the calipers and re-assemble it all and torque the calipers, bracket bolts and wheels in half an hour.

    I would like to know what part of the brake job took you half an hour. I know CRV's and don't believe your story.

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    Probably because you didn't do it right; leaving on an old rotor is bad juju. I hope (for your sake) that you didn't attempt to do the rear brakes without the caliper reset tool otherwise you've probably destroyed both those rear calipers.

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    I no its outrageous my mom needed her brakes done and she was going to take it to get it fixed and it was going to be around $300 so i went out and bought the parts for her and total it was only 65$ in parts and i got it done in about a hour and a half

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