What types of ICTs are used in religion?

I am working an assignment based on ICTs and religion. What technologies and communications are used specifically involving religion? I know for example, a microphone is used in churches and an ipod can tell the time or date a fast has finished...but any further than this, I don't know what to put. Help please???

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  • Dante
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    10 years ago
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    Traditional Computer Based Technologies

    These types of ICT include:

    Word processing - sermon writing; teaching materials, etc.

    Spreadsheets - Church business; etc

    Database software- membership rolls, etc.

    Presentation software - weekly bible classes; teaching aids, etc.

    Desktop publishing - Newsletters, Bulletins and various mailings.

    Graphics software - create and edit images such as logos, drawings or pictures for use in DTP, web sites or other publications

    Accounting package - Manage an organisation's accounts including revenues/sales, purchases, bank accounts etc. A wide range of systems is available.

    Information systems strategy - considers how ICT can be used within an organisation as part of achieving goals and objectives

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  • Graham
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    10 years ago

    I do know that there's an iphone app that points you towards Mecca to pray. Which is really quite sad, if you're a muslim dont you think you should know which direction Mecca is?

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