Can you please translate these words into Welsh?

It's a bit of a random list. The reason I'm asking on here is because I've tried putting a few of the more specific ones into a dictionary and it couldn't come up with a translation, so I figured here was the best place to ask as humans will know if there's a word which means the same thing or not! Anyway, the words:

Oxbow, glacial, fjord, lava, underground, artificial, rift, ephemeral, intermittent, meromictic

Ducks, sheep, wheat, geese, hay, barn, orchard, straw, dairy, fields

Willow, beech, oak, cherry, apple, spruce, redwood, ash, gum, fir

Barge, narrowboat, ferry, canoe, speedboat, kayak, freighter, submarine, gondola, punt

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    Oxbow- Not aware of a welsh word for oxbow, although ox is 'ych'

    Glacial- gwydrol


    lava- llydw folcanig or lafa

    underground- dan ddaear or tanddaearol

    artifical- artiffisial

    rift - agen

    ephemeral- undydd

    intermittent- ysbeidiol

    meromictic- No idea sorry

    Ducks- hwyaid

    Sheeps- Defaid

    Wheat- gwenith

    Geese- Gwyddau

    Hay- gwair (also the word for grass)

    Barn- ysgubor

    Orchard- Berllan

    Straw- gwellt

    Dairy- cynhyrchion Llaeth (dairy produce) llaethdy (dairy-where cows are milked)

    Fields- Caeau

    Willow- helygen

    Beech- ffawydden

    Oak- Derw

    Cherry- Ceriosen

    Apple- Afal

    Spruce- pyrwydden

    Redwood- coed coch

    Ash- Onen

    Gum- not sure of this one

    Fir- Pinwydden

    Barge- ysgraff

    Ferry- Fferi

    Canoe- canw

    Speedboat- cwch cyflym

    Kayak- caiac

    Freighter- cwch cargo (cargo ship- no direct translation)

    Submarine-llong danfor

    Gondola- Gondola

    Punt- pyntio

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Welsh first language
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