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Does S.M. Entertainment treat you well?

I'm a young girl, almost a teen. I would like to audition for the S.M. Entertainment Global Auditions. I know they won't be going to the U.S.A. this year. I live in New York, U.S.A. I have a few questions that I would like you to answer!! If you answer, thanks a lot!~ I'll appreciate it!

1) Will S.M. Entertainment pay for your plastic surgery and your ride to Korea (if you get accepted)?

2) Is it true S.M. is harsh and hit you when you do something wrong?

3) Will they accept me? I have long legs, a bit tannish, I sing pretty good, and am kinda pretty.

4) Will they let me go to school even though I am a trainee?

5) Will they pay or give me allowance each week if I'm a trainee?

6) If they ask you to do plastic surgery and you deny, will you get kicked out of S.M.?

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    Well i dont particularity like SM because it seems like some of the artists are really manufactured

    but i dont know nuffin its probably a really nice company XD

    maybe if your unsure you could try out for the other companys

    maybe YG or JYP ??? do what u feel is right really : l

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    SM pushes their artists to verify in the event that they have the alternative to proceed. and that i do no longer think of SM might enable their trainees starve, for the reason that SM's purpose is to make solid artists, yet they are able to't be in the event that they're starved.... ^^"

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