how to lift a small fiberglass boat from the ground and put it on a boat trailer?

I have a 15ft Oauchita fiberglass boat that has been sitting in the woods for atleast 3 years. The boat is pretty heavy. I was thinking of pulling the boat with my truck to level ground. Dont know where to start from there. Any help would be great, Thanks

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    There are lots of ways of doing what you ask. With a small boat like this one of the best is simply to get lots of people and lift it on!

    (To be precise: lots of people lift the front of the boat up high while one person pushes the trailer under the boat, along the keel).

    But without seeing the situation it is hard to suggest the most appropriate. But certainly don't 'pull the boat with your truck' along the ground while not on a trailer. (Which kind of sounds like the intention here). Though I might have misinterpreted that.

    The trailer shown here at:

    has a pin that you can release, located where the 'A' frame meets the drawbar allowing it to 'hinge' vertically about the end of the drawbar so that the rear of the trailer dips to the ground.

    The great advantage of this design is precisely that you can winch a boat up onto it directly from the ground.

    Which is exactly what you are asking funnily enough!

    Simply position the rear roller of the trailer against the stem of the vessel, attach the trailer's winch strap to the winch point in the stem, make sure the trailer is hitched to your truck (so the front doesn't fly up high in the air as the boat slides aboard) and turn away on the winch handle.

    And up she will come.

    (Be sure to protect the skeg of the boat as it climbs onto the trailer - carpet under the keel is a good idea).

    As the boat moves up onto the trailer the trailer will automatically swing back to its normal position whereupon you must remember to reset the pin you released at the start.

    Then move boat and trailer to level ground and set up the rig for optimum balance: So that there is about 40 to 50 pounds' weight at the hitch.

    On boats that have no eye plate through the stem to attach the winch strap to, I have on many occasions successfully used double straps fixed to strong points inside the stern of the boat, run these out and down the transom and then forward, alongside the keel to the winch. One each side. So you are pulling the boat from the stern.

    It's not a good idea to use deck fittings such as the foredeck cleat (etc.) for a winching point as you can pull these out of the deck. With the risk of putting a big hole in the deck as you do so.

    But if the boat has an eye plate (shackle point) and both are in good condition (boat and eye plate) then this should be perfectly OK for winching it onto the trailer.

    Take care.


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    u can use a winch if you have one or improvise a block and tackle to drag it onto the trailer.

    simply get a long rope and loop it around something at the far end of the trailer then through something affixed to the front of the boat again and again. Each time you do this makes it easier to pull it on though it can take a lot of rope.

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    remove the motor,back the trailer right up to the front of the boat,either dig under the wheels to drop the trailer or remove the tires,or take a "come along,or winch go over a tree limb(lift higher to drive trailer underneath further) or pull it from the front of the boat trailer.

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    Buy a 30 pack and ask your buddy`s to go help you load it up, you`ll have all the help you need. good luck,

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