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What are some important holidays/dates that occur in France during September?

I need one that would be easy to illustrate because my french teacher wants a drawn picture depicting the holiday.


To exact, I really need dates/events for Paris

Update 2:

to be exact I really need events/dates for Paris

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    I'm sorry I couldn't find any major date in France calender in Sep but here is some important events and festivals that take place in France during September:

    * Basque Country Music Festival, (in Saint-Jean-de-Luz) is one of France's premier music festivals and is situated in one of the country's prettiest small cities.

    * Piano aux Jacobins (in Toulouse), a festival devoted to classical piano music featuring numerous concerts at the Jacobins cloister.

    * Feria du Riz or Rice Feria, (in Arles) is a showcase of bullfighting traditions in Southern France. Well after fans leave the arena, the party continues into the night in this lively Provence city. Here, you not only find running of the bulls, but they are also guarded by the lovely Camargue horses.

    * Paris Techno Parade, (in Paris) is France's second most popular music festival and an ode to techno music. It is part of the Rendez-Vous Electroniques Festival (from September 8-18).

    * Jazz a Beaune, (in Beaune), a wonderful indulgence on the local Burgundy wines and jazz music. There are also classes offered, both on wine tasting and the jazz masters.

    * Feria des Vendanges or Grape Harvest Feria, (in Nimes) is another festive bullfighting festival in a city jam-packed with historic attractions.

    * Sauerkraut Festival, (in Brienne-le-Chateau) is a splendid homage to the Aube region, which produces much of France's sauerkraut annually.

    * Heralding the Harvest, (in Saint-Emilion) marks the start of the harvest in one of France's key wine-producing areas. The highlights include a mass and a torchlight evening tour of the town.

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    Sasan,you know the two most important matches this year are FRA-ITA and Inter-Milan!!!!! Italy wins 5-1 and AC Milan wins 3-1

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    The next French Holiday will be on November first (Toussaint).

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