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f u c k.........????????

im an 18 yr old girl my bestfriend is a 17 year old girl we've been friends since grade 9 and we just graduated gr 12 this year, were really close friends obv. we both like eachother, she told me last week and she found out that i do through a friend so obv she told her that i do. she gave me lots of hints that shes bi and that she wants me like wen we were at deadmau5 i took her hand so we stay together and she started holding it like a couple, then shorty after she put her hand on my waste and another time she showed me wat this guy did to her and she was like "we hold hands". also wen we were chillin at a friends drinking a walked in front of her to sit on another chair and she tried grabbing my hand and she smiles at me for no reason, all those hints is wen she was with her bf. her anniversary is this dec, shes been with him for almost 2 years. last week, the day after she found out i like her we were sitting on a hill and the conversation led to her saying "(her bfs name) thinks somethings going on with us?" i said "no" but im nervous to admit it and she said "yea" but i can tell in her voice she was just agreeing with wat i said, shes nervous too i can tell. i wanna bring that up again about how her bf thinks theres something goin on with us because i want her, ughh i shouldve said yea wen she brought that up about how her bf thinks somethings goin on with us!! and why would she be acting like this wen she has a bf? also she was telling me the other day how she thinks she wants to break up with him she doesnt know and how shes confused, shes not sure, she doesnt know wat to do anymore. i think she wanted me to make up her mind for her because she said its so hard to make up her

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  • rae
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    1 decade ago
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    you can't make up her mind for her because if you tell her to break up and she regrets it then she will blame you. you need to tell her to make up her own mind. if she breaks up with him them you can perhaps pursue a relationship between you both.

    Source(s): Roz
  • 1 decade ago

    help her then..threesome!!! no seriously then help her tell her how you feel. Worth a shot.

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