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Is treatment for high testosterone / PCOS imperative for females' health?

I'm 19 and I went to the doctor to see what I can do about hair growth on my stomach and chest and my blood test showed that my testosterone was around 17 (normal range for female my age is 0.8 to 7.4). So I've been taking some herbal pills given to me by my doctor like aptogen and ovablend and the decrease in my libido makes me want to stop taking it and just pay for electrolysis or something. I'm not worried about PCOS affecting my fertility because at this point I don't want kids and I can always adopt but is lowering my testosterone crucial to my health in other ways?


In response to 3rd answer my blood sugar was tested and it showed that it was normal but my doctor said that didn't mean much since it varies a lot throughout the day.

So if I have elevated insulin then does that mean I'll most likely become diabetic later on in life?

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    Actually the elevated estrogen levels (or so called estrogen dominance) associated with PCOS are more of a long term risk than testosterone. It increases the risk of endometrial cancers, cardiovascular disease/heart attack, and stroke, later in life.

    Have you had your insulin levels tested? PCOS is often associated with elevated insulin levels, due to something called insulin resistance. The higher level of insulin is believed to be the root cause of the ovary problems (by increasing testosterone levels, and causing the failure of follicles to mature properly, and the elevated estrogen:progesterone ratio). It also puts PCOS sufferers at a higher risk of diabetes later in life. If you haven't had your insulin levels checked, then I would recommend you do that.

    One of the most effective treatments I have seen for PCOS is a natural substance called d-chiro-inositol. It is present in certain foods (buck wheat, carob, fig leaf melon, and bitter gourds). It can also be purchased as a food supplement (it is not considered a drug). This food extract has been shown in clinical trials (albeit small scale) to reduce blood glucose levels, and blood pressure, in PCOS sufferers. Many of the women taking it also ovulated normally. This compound is believed to reduce insulin production (too complex to explain how, put simply it reduces the insulin resistance). The dosage used in the studies was 600mg and 1200mg per day for 8 weeks. Both dosages worked equally well as I recall. I personally would put much more faith in this than in ovablend or adaptogen.

    A couple of notes. 1) You can also buy plain "inositol" as a food supplement, but this is not effective. It comes in 9 different forms, but only one specific one is effective. So it has to be d-chiro inositol.

    2) Some brands are natural extracts, whilst others are made synthetically. So check if you want the natural extract specifically.

    There is also a drug used for diabetes, metformin, that is used to treat PCOS by reducing insulin resistance. But people who have tried both have said that d-chiro inositol is more effective and has less side effects.

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    One common problem that happens is this. I have been there and done that. You have to figure out what it is first that is destroying your sex drive. If your on medication like birth control or anti-depressants that is something to think about and do research on. Other then that it could just be stress, maybe the kids, really anything that makes your life stressful can do this and lower the libido.

    One thing I tried that seemed to work while I was doing it was exercising. I just felt sexier doing it which kind of boosted my libido. However it wasn't the best solution for me. My friend told me about these herbal enhancers that are made from natural herbs and don't cause any side effects besides having wild sex. She said it's the female version of viagra. I had to find out.

    I would always have a weak orgasm too (if I had one at all), which after trying this sex enhancer, it boosted them tremendously. I don't get multiple orgasms but I've had plenty since being on these herbs. It's seriously like the best vibrator ride you've ever experienced. These things make me horny all the time, some days I don't even take them because the urge is just too strong.

    Don't try out single herbs because they don't do it like the blend of herbs these scientists and researchers pick out. I've tried a couple of them by itself and they did crap. The stuff that I'm on is called Hersolution, at the time I saved money on it at . Make sure you get the 3 month supply that way you fall under the guarantee/return policy if the herbs don't work for you, you can return them with no questions ask. I bet they will work though and you won't have any problems. Also if your on medication of any sort, check out the gel because if your like me, you wouldn't want to swallow any thing that might react with the medications your already on.

    Well have a good day and hopefully you solved your problem.

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    Is treatment for high testosterone / PCOS imperative for females' health?

    I'm 19 and I went to the doctor to see what I can do about hair growth on my stomach and chest and my blood test showed that my testosterone was around 17 (normal range for female my age is 0.8 to 7.4). So I've been taking some herbal pills given to me by my doctor like aptogen and ovablend...

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    Excess androgens in females can cause excessive bodily hair growth, acne, greasy skin, mood swings and thinning of the hair over time. So these are the main symptoms have having a high testosterone level.

    So, providing your symptoms aren't troubling you too much at the moment then you have to weigh up the benefits of treatment against the side-effects and the main side-effect you are having at the moment is loss of sex drive.

    I think this will be more important to you in the future as it would affect your fertility although there are treatments that could help if you do experience difficulty with conceiving in the future.

    So by not taking the remedies suggested by your Doctor, it will not cause you any serious harm, it just means you may be troubled by some of the symptoms above as well as the excess hair.

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    hey darling. I am in the same shoes. 19 female with PCOS. I have hair growth on my stomach as well. hate it. My doctor put me on diane35 also called dianette. It is a contraceptive pill, which helps balance out hormones. I a quite happy with it as my acne, caused by PCOS is getting a bit better. The hair growth will get better after some while as well the doctor said! MM about testesterone not being to good for you if its too high I am not sure. I just know that too high levels of testesteron and too little estrogens can cause depression in some cases. also high levels of testestorn may might u horny more often. Not sure if its really bad for you, but i guess it s not normal for girls to have such high testesteron. Maybe speak to your doc again and have a look under : HIGH TESTESTERON IN WOMAN on google.

    Hope i could help.

    good luck

    I am also on other medication against OCD and they have completely killed my sex drive, so I would b careful b4 takign anything, but def. speak with ur doctor

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